What Were Hugh Hefner Last Words?

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    Hugh Hefner was the Playboy Magazine mogul who, sadly, died at the age of 91. Since his death, Hugh Hefner’s last words are something people are searching for. He passed away at the Playboy Mansion, located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California.

    His health condition wasn’t that good during his last year as Hefner had been suffering from mobility issues and back pain during his final days. Well, in today’s article, let us try to find out what was his final words.

    Here we go!

    What Were Hugh Hefner Last Words?

    As said above, since Hefner who was a U.S. Army writer for a military newspaper before becoming a cultural icon died in 2017, many people are eager to hear his last words.

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    Hugh died at 91.

    So far, his last words don’t seem to have been made public. As per sources, Hugs had not been doing well for the last year. A year before his demise, Hugh also faced death rumors but the late Playboy magazine mogul promptly shut down the hearsays.

    Hugh Hefner Last Year

    As said earlier, Hefner’s health started becoming worse and worse a year before his death. A source close to Hugh’s family told,

    “Hef hadn’t been doing well for the last year.”

    An insider further told that his death wasn’t that devasting to his family and friends as the magazine publisher had already lived a very fruitful and long life before. Pamela Anderson, an actress, and model also paid tribute to the late Hugh and wrote,

    “I’m in such deep shock. But you were old, your back hurt you so much. Last time I saw you, you were using a walker. You didn’t want me to see. You couldn’t hear.”

    Before his passing, Hefner used to go on regular follow-ups with his personal physician Mark Saginor.

    Hefner Last Public Appearance

    Since his health began deteriorating last year, Hugh also started making fewer appearances in the media. It was Halloween 2015 when Hefner appeared for the last time at the famous Playboy Mansion party with his then-wife Crystal.

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    And the last time, Hugh appeared publically at the Mansion was in May 2016. However, a year after that, Hefner died of sepsis in Sept 2017 at the Playboy Mansion.


    What Was His Cause of Death?

    As per sources, Hugh’s cause of death was sepsis brought on by an E. coli infection. He died on 27th September 2017. He was 91 at the time of his demise.

    Who Was With Hugh When He Died?

    He was with his third wife Crystal Harris at the time of his death. His children and other family members were also with him till his last breath.

    What Was Hefner Last Words Before He Died?

    As mentioned above, what was Hugh’s last words are yet to be revealed in the media.