Is Skylar Deleon Still Alive?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on June 16, 2023
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    Skylar Deleon is a former actor whose destiny took a huge turn for the worse when the man was sentenced to death. He got into short-lived fame for his role in the series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. So, is Deleon still alive, or has already been hanged to death?

    Here, in this article, we will know the real truth about Skyler’s life. How did Deleon end up in prison?

    Is Skylar Deleon Still Alive?

    Yes, Sylar is still alive and is living his days on death row. He is currently serving his sentence in California, USA. Deleon has been on death row for more than 14 years as of 2023

    Former Actor Skylar Deleon is still alive
    Sylar Deleon is still alive and is living his life in prison.

    He was proven guilty of three murders, several robberies, and theft and was arrested in 2005.

    What Crime Did Deleon Commit?

    After working for a very short time in the movie industry, Skylar disappeared for years. During the disappearance, he and along with his then-wife, Jennifer Henderson faced a lot of financial stabilities. This led them to involve in robberies and thefts.

    In the year 2004, Sylar and Jennifer discovered a $435,000 worth of Yacht on sale that belonged to a couple, Thomas and Jackie Hawks. The Deleon couple approached the Yacht owners in the name of buying it and went for a test run in Newport Beach Harbor.

    Sylar and his wife killed Thomas and Jackie Hawks
    Deleon killed the Yacht owners, Thomas and Jackie Hawks.

    They and their other three accomplices attached the owners and forced them to sign the sale contract paper. Following this, Sylar tied the couple and threw them into the sea. Their bodies were never found.

    So, how did Deleon get arrested?

    About Sylar’s Arrest and Trails

    After nearly 5 years of the crime committed by Skylar, the karma returned to him. He and his partners in crime were arrested when one of the accomplices confessed to the Yacht crime.

    Despite being arrested, Skylar played smart and insisted on being not guilty. On November 17, 2006, his wife Jennifer, was proven guilty on two counts of first-degree murder and was sentenced to two life terms without the possibility of parole. Following this, she also divorced Deleon.

    On the other hand, Deleon still pleaded not guilty. He claimed he was not present at the crime scene and had no connection to the murders.

    When Did Deleon Receive Death Sentence?

    On September 22, 2008, the jury began the case against Skylar. Despite his long protestation of innocence, the attorney agreed that he has committed the crimes. Deleon was proven guilty and sentenced to death on November 6. He is to be executed by lethal injection by the Orange County Superior Court Judge Frank Fasel.

    Skylar received death sentence in charge of three murders.
    Skylar was sentenced to death on November 6, 2008.

    While waiting for the trial in jail, Skylar was also accused of another murder of John Jarvi, a resident of Anaheim. He was found dead in the year 2003. This was also the key support for the jury to decide to give a death sentence to Deleon.

    Following this, the former actor was charged with soliciting another inmate to kill his father and cousin.

    Deleon Changed His Gender During The Sentence

    On March 13, 2008. Skylar partially cut his penis off with a razor blade in the jail itself. It was first assumed to be an act of self-harm, but it turned out to be a choice.

    Skylar was found to be researching gender-change surgery before committing the crimes. In 2009, he stated to ABC News that,

    I’m not attracted to guys. But I wanted the surgery, and I knew I 100 percent wanted the surgery. But I only like females.”

    It was also rumored that all the theft and crime Skylar was involved in was due to the need for money for his gender surgery. Skylar officially changed his gender to female in the year 2019.

    Deleon Is Living With A New Name Today

    After willingly changing the birth-gender, Skyler also has a new name at present. The Ranger actor has changed his name from Skylar Julius Deleon to Skylar Preciosa Deleon.

    Skylar changed his gander to female.
    A picture of Skylar after gender surgery and hormonal changes.

    Skylar today is living as a female by law. She has been receiving hormonal therapy since the surgery to obtain a much more feminine appearance. Deleon is waiting for her death sentence to be executed in the women’s prison.

    We do not have any clue when the penalty will be accomplished.