List of The Celebrities Who Are Living With Cancer

By Cannon | Updated on May 26, 2023
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    Over the years, many celebrities have opened up about their battle against cancer. All over the world, millions of people are living with the deadly disease. As per the data, there has been a rapid case of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

    So, today, we have also come up with a list of celebrities who are suffering from cancer.

    1. Shannen Doherty

    Shannen Doherty, an actress better known for her role in Heathers was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2015. After the diagnosis, the actress started taking anti-estrogen and lumpectomy treatment.

    Shannen Doherty cancer
    Shannen Doherty.

    Soon after, it was reported her cancer was in remission but again in Feb 2020, Shannen said her cancer reappeared. And as of now, Doherty is suffering from stage IV cancer. As per sources, the person who is fighting against stage four cancer can live for several years but it all depends on his treatment and maintenance.

    2. Julie Walters

    Julie Walters who is better known for her breakout role in the Harry Potter film series was also diagnosed with stage III bowel cancer which indicates “cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, but hasn’t spread to distant body parts.”

    Remembering her husband Grant Roffey’s shocking reaction when the actress told him about her cancer, Walters said, “I’ll never forget his face – tears came into his eyes.”

    Julie Walters cancer
    Julie Walters.

    But, later, Julie did chemotherapy and won over the disease. As of now, the 73 years old actress is living a good life with her family members.

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    3. Michael Douglas

    You have already heard the name of Michael Douglas, a two Academy Award-winning actor. He is, however, also a victim of cancer. The mega-star made international headlines after the news of him being diagnosed with throat cancer was announced in August 2010.

    Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas with his wife.

    However, it later came to know it was actually tongue cancer.

    5. Maggie Smith

    One of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood Maggie Smith who is currently in her late 80s is also a victim of breast cancer as well as a survivor. It was announced in 2007 that Smith was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, Smith was also filming the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blod Prince.

    Fortunately, two years after the diagnosis in 2009, Maggie made her recovery.