List of Celebrities Who Are HIV Positive

By Cannon | Updated on April 10, 2023
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    Over the years, HIV, one of the deadly diseases continues to be a major health concern all over the globe. Although it was a little difficult for those who are infected with HIV to come out with their family members and friends initially, millions of people have come forward with their HIV diagnosis since the 1990s. As of 2023, nearly 38 million people are living with the fatal disease. A few of them are also famous celebrities who are fighting against HIV/AIDS.

    So, here we have come up with a list of celebrities who are HIV-positive. Have a look!

     1. Charlie Sheen

    As we all know how popular face Charlie Sheen is in the entertainment industry. The actor began acting with a role in the 1973 movie Badlands. Sheen has since acted in a number of hit movies and TV shows. However, the former Hollywood Heartthrob came out HIV positive in November 2015.

    charlie sheen
    Charlie Sheen came out HIV-positive in 2015.

    He was actually diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2011 but came forward to reveal the diagnosis in 2015. Although it’s been over a decade since Sheen is battling with that, the actor still looks so strong.

    2. Magic Johnson

    Magic Johnson, one of the greatest guards of all time came out HIV positive in the year 1991. Although the NBA star didn’t reveal how He was infected with HIV, Magic later revealed it all occurred after his multiple intimate relationships.

    magic johnson
    Johnson with his wife.

    Since Johnson revealed He is HIV positive, the former point guard has been working as a strong advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention and safe sex.

    3. Gena Tew

    Gena Tew is a social media star and TikToker with massive followers. She has over 866k followers on her TikTok. Unfortunately, Tew is also HIV-infected. Ever since Gena was diagnosed with the fatal disease, the Instagram star has continuously faced several major health issues including massive weight loss and others.

    celebrities who are hiv positive
    Gena Tew, an HIV-positive social media star.

    But, as per recent reports, Tew is regaining her weight back.

    4. Greg Louganis

    Greg Louganis, a former Olympic star was also diagnosed with HIV in 1988. But, Louganis came out HIV-positive seven years after in 1995.

    Greg Louganis
    Greg Louganis.

    However, during the 1988 Olyampic, Louganis faced a huge backlash after the diver didn’t reveal his diagnosis at the time of his head injury as many other divers dome into the same pool Greg had bled into.