Is Tom Skerritt Still Alive? Where is He Now?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on July 4, 2023
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    Tom Skerritt, who has gained respect off and on-screen has had some bitter experiences in the past. This has concerned a lot of people if the actor is still alive or dead. Adding to the concern is the fact that Skerritt was born in 1933.

    So, is the actor still living in 2023? Let us find out.

    Mini Bio of Tom

    Full NameThomas Roy Skerritt
    Alive or Dead as of 2023Alive
    BirthAugust 25, 1933
    Age89 years
    Current ProfessionTeacher, Actor
    ResidenceSeattle, San Juan Island

    Is Tom Skerritt Still Alive?

    You bet Skerritt is alive. The legendary Hollywood veteran is 89 years old as of 2023 and seeing him alive and healthy amazes all of us. The man who has already delivered the audience with over 40 films is still going strong and does not look like he will give up so soon.

    Tom is alive in 2023
    Tom Skerritt is alive and healthy in 2023

    Tom shows no signs of stopping as he landed a lead role in East of the Mountains (2021). He was 88 at that time and totally nailed the character. Hopefully, we will get some more of him in the coming days as he is still in the mood for acting.

    Tom Skerritt’s Personal Trauma

    Tom is a victim of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Reports suggest the actor has been facing PTSD since his divorce from his first wife Charlotte Shanks. It is believed that the actor’s wife was suffering from schizophrenia which nearly led him to touch the alcohol bottle.

    Although Skerritt was involved fully in his wife’s treatment, it did not save the marriage. The couple divorced in 1972 and the entire episode gave him PTSD.

    What Else Added To His Trauma?

    Adding to his trauma and worry, Tom was really affected by the soldiers who recently returned from combat. Every soldier who returned from combat was either physically or emotionally damaged which worried Tom because he is a veteran himself.

    Skerritt's personal trauma is a gift for him
    Skerritt is dealing with personal trauma

    Furthermore, he was struck by the fact of veterans’ suicide rate. The suicide rate of veterans exceeded the death rate in combat. So, Tom’s own stress and feeling of something should be done for the war veterans gave him an idea.

    We will discuss what he did and what he is doing now.

    What Is Skerritt Doing Now?

    Tom is now teaching a creative writing class specially designed for veterans. All the veterans who have been suffering from PTSD post-war.  Like the information aforementioned, Tom’s sensitivity towards the veterans started as he was also in service before.

    The idea of giving the veterans an outlet to spill their trauma into art would help them overcome the stress of the war. This idea of Tom has been working since he also uses it to deal with his own personal trauma. As a matter of fact, Tom has been in the artistic field since the trauma of his first marriage.

    His classes have become a big success with many known faces taking them and continues to be successful. Thankfully, just like his Top Gun co-star Kelly McGillis has been amazingly dealing with her trauma, Skerritt is also doing the same.

    Moreover, the actor continues to act with no signs of stopping. He landed a role in 2021 and soon will surely land another one. His popular projects include M*A*S*H, Alien, The Dead Zone, and Top Gun, starring Val Kilmer.

    Where Does Tom Live?

    Tom has two homes in two different places. He has one home in Lake Washington in the suburbs of Seattle. The other home is on Lopez Island of the San Juan Islands. Skerritt has divided his time between the two locations and lives part by part in both of them.

    Tom now lives in two different homes
    Tom divides his time between his two different homes

    Although a lot is not known about his both homes, it is sure that his homes are lavish and full of luxuries.