Is Tessica Brown Still Alive? Her Hair Surgery

By Cannon | Updated on July 19, 2023
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    Tessica Brown is one of the most viral girls in 2021 who became a viral sensation overnight after using Gorilla Glue in place of hairspray. In Feb of the year, Brown posted a video on her TikTok and showed how her hair was stuck together solid. The video went instantly viral and amassed over 50 million views. After a month of struggling, Tessica eventually had to go to the hospital to remove the permanent glue stuck to her hair.

    She even underwent a four-hour surgery at that time. Since the severe damage to her scalp, there have been some queries like is Tessica still alive or dead? Let’s find the truth in the article below.

    Is Tessica Brown Still Alive?

    Yes, Brown is still alive and is now living her best life. The rumors about if Tessica is still living or dead started swirling in the media after the girl used Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray.

    Tessica Brown
    Brown is still alive.

    But, as of now, Brown is completely fine. In fact, the viral girl had no idea about the adhesive spray and its strong adhesivity. But, a few hours after applying the Gorilla Glue, her hair stuck to her scalp and ended up in severe headaches.

    Tessica Brown Hair Surgery

    Following the incident, Brown sought medical help. She first went to Chalmette’s St. Bernard Parish Hospital. However, the health professionals at the hospital couldn’t remove the adhesive.

    tessica brown now
    Tessica is now 41 years old.

    After there, Brown went to Miko Plastic Surgery, in Beverly Hills, California, where a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael Obeng got the job done. She later said,

    “It went from scary to terrifying to pretty much being tortured. And at this point, a big relief.”

    Brown Got Hit On The Eye With A Ball

    In June of 2023, Tessica posted a video of her left eye that had gone completely red. She claimed it happened during softball practice and got hit with a ball in her eye.

    Tessica eyes due to a ball hit her
    Brown got hit in her eye in a softball practice

    The incident surely scared Brown as her eye did not recover so well. Her visit to the ER increased and people on Instagram were advising her with different remedies like taking the eyelash off, or the contact lenses off. However, in the latest posts, her eye seems fine, thankfully, Brown recovered.

    Where Is Tessica Now?

    Brown is now in Violet, LA. She there runs the Dazzling Divaz, a daycare, and a dance team. Also, Tessica launched her own line of hair care products. She told TMZ the main motive behind launching the hairline was her own nightmare faced in 2021.


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    What Is She Up to Now?

    As of now after the hair surgery, Tessica continues to make content and entertain her audience. Although she has started posting less than before, she has not stopped making stuff for her viewers. The hair surgery surely has helped Brown to gain her confidence back.

    Her favorite phrase has always been: “This too shall pass” and believed life has taught her to be strong and accept the fates.

    How Old Is She Now?

    As of 2023, Tessica is 41 years old. She was born on 21st October 1981, in Louisiana, in the United States.

    She is also married to her husband and the mother of three children. Well, the family of five now resides in Los Angeles.