Is Ted Bundy Wife Still Alive? Where Is She Now?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on June 23, 2023
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    Ted Bundy is one of history’s most notorious serial killers and rapists who manipulated and killed more than 30 young girls from 1974-1978. Despite such nature towards women, a young woman, Carole Ann Boone willingly married him in the court during his trial. So, is Ted Bundy’s wife still alive? Where is Carole Ann Boone now?

    In this article, we will get to know life facts about Ted Bundy as well as his wife Carole’s current whereabouts.

    Is Ted Bundy’s Wife Still Alive?

    No, Ted Bundy’s wife, Carole Boone died at the age of 70 at the Washington State retirement home in 2018. This was 29 years later the execution of her husband. Carole was living a secretive life after her husband dies to the capital punishment

    Ted Bundy's wife is not alive. She died n 2018.
    A picture of Ted Bundy’s wife before She died in 2018.

    We have no clue where was Bundy’s spouse and what was Carole doing before her death. The public also does not have any idea about the reason for her death.

    About Carole Boone’s Life

    As you read earlier, Boone took her last breath in a retirement home. She lived a very private life after officially separating from her late husband in 1986. Ann changed her name 4 times and was living with the name Abigail Griffin before her death.

    Carole lived quite early life before getting with Bundy. She got into wide popularity when her relationship got publicized during the court hearing of the serial killer.

    Bundy's wife knew him years before their marriage.
    Carole was a divorcee and a single mother when she met Ted.

    All we know is that Boone was previously married before being with Ted. So, how did Carole and Ted get together?

    Ann Knew Bundy Years Before His Arrests; They Worked Together

    Ted was already into killing and hunting young girls before he got with Ann. He was interested in Carole since the very first meeting in 1974. They worked together in the Washington State Department of Emergency Services.

    Ann was then recently divorced from her first husband and was raising her son, James all alone. Both of them were good friends initially. According to the book, The Only Living Witness: The True Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy, Ann stated,

    “He struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface. He certainly was more dignified and restrained than the more certifiable types around the office.”

    Ann first turned down Bundy for any romantic involvement but later also got manipulated by him and fell deeply in love with the criminal.

    Carole and Bundy Got Married in the Courtroom During His Trail

    Ann was madly in love with Bundy. She even testified as a character witness during his trial in 1980 and got married at the same time and place. Carole strongly believed that Ted was innocent and did not deserve the death penalty.

    Ted and Carole married in the court room during his trial.
    A picture of Ted with his wife, Carole Ann. They married in the courtroom during Bundy’s trial.

    According to the law of Florida, two people can declare themselves wedded in a courtroom, in the presence of a judge. Bundy who was a law student previously, took a whole advantage of it and proposed to Ann for marriage.

    Although Ted claimed it was an act of true love and said it was the only right chance to marry Ann, people blamed it to be a stunt played by the killer to get sympathy from the world.

    Ann Was Impregnated by Ted While He Was on Death Row

    Sounds impossible. Right? But this is exactly what happened. Carole got pregnant with Bundy’s child while he was serving his death row in prison. Although the prisoner was not allowed to have conjugal visits, the couple did it anyway.

    They might somehow bribe the prison guards which made them ignorant about their behavior. In one of the recordings in The Ted Bundy Tapes, Carole shared that the guards walked on them a couple of times, but they did not care after a few such encounters.

    It was also rumored that Ann would smuggle drugs for her husband via her vagina which was later taken by Bundy rectally.

    The Couple Gave Birth To A Daughter: Where is She Now?

    Ann gave birth to a daughter, Rose Bundy on October 24, 1982. There were still several questions about how she got pregnant addressing which, Rose’s mother said, ‘It’s nobody’s business’.

    Bundy and Ann gave birth to a daughter.
    A picture of Bundy’s wife and daughter, Rose.

    Despite desperately choosing to make his wife conceive a child, Ted never got to be with his daughter. And Rose was never under the impression of her father.

    Also today, we don’t know where the Bundy’s daughter is, but we can guess that she has grown up to be a young and good woman.

    Ann Finally Realized That Bundy was Wrong: They Separated in 1986

    After years of being in denial about the love of her life being a murderer, Carole finally accepted the truth. She finally started to believe that the world was right and she was blinded by love.

    Finally, Boone divorced Ted in 1986, which was three years before his execution. In a book about Bundy, she also shared that she was deeply betrayed and devasted by his sudden wholesale murder confessions about his deeds in his last days.

    Ted Bundy was executed 29 years earlier his wife's death.
    Bundy’s wife Carole divorced him in 1986. He died to the death penalty in 1989.

    The other reason for the divorce was also rumored to be Ted’s alleged relationship with one of his lawyers, Diana Weiner. After the separation, Ann did not visit her late ex-husband for two whole years and did not even answer his last call on the day of his death.

    Ted Bundy was given capital punishment in the early morning of January 24, 1989, in the Raiford electric chair.


    Did Bundy’s wife, Carole Ann know all his hideous secrets?

    Ann was completely unknown about the deeds of her husband. She was in complete denial about her husband being a murderer and was always against the death penalty. Carole too might have been the victim of the serial killer’s manipulation.