T.D. Jakes Wife Car Accident; Is She Dead?

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    T.D. Jakes has been married to his wife Serita Jakes for over four decades now. The two married in 1982 and just after six months into the marriage, they faced a dreadful car accident. While T.D. was largely unhurt compare to his wife Serita whose legs and foot were severely wounded. After the incident, people are curious to know if T.D.’s wife Serita is still alive. What is Jakes’ spouse doing now?

    Well, here are several interesting facts about T.D. Jakes’ wife Serita’s life at present and also knows where the couple resides now.

    Is T.D. Jakes Wife Still Alive?

    His wife Serita Jakes is still alive. She is already in her late 60s and still living her life in quite a healthy way. As for her date of birth, Serita was born on 9th August 1955, in Beckley, West Virginia.

    serita jakes
    T.D. Jakes and his wife Serita.

    T.D. Jakes’ wife now lives with her hubby, their children, and grandchildren.

    T.D. Jakes Wife Accident

    As mentioned above that T.D. and his wife faced a terrible car accident within six months of their marriage. Although there isn’t more about the incident, T.D. Jakes’ wife got injured largely in the accident. Especially, her legs and foot were severely wounded. Following the incident, doctors weren’t even sure if T.D.D. Jakes’ would walk again.

    Despite the doctor’s declaration, things later turned better and Serita is now fully recovered. T.D., the senior pastor of The Potter’s House was with his wife throughout her recovery. He later also talked about the extreme hardship the couple faced early in their marriage. Jakes said,

    “I think it enriched our marriage in a lot of ways. But it was very difficult to go through.”

    He added,

    “I cooked for her, I washed her hair, I taught her how to walk — literally. [I] stood in front of her and said, ‘You can do this,’ and taught her to walk again”

    T.D. also said that the accident “brought us together. We have an unexplainable connection… I guess, at the core, we’re friends.”

    What is Jakes’ Wife Doing Now?

    Jakes’ wife currently works for a Dallas-based church, The Potter’s House with him. He is currently an executive director of women’s and children’s affairs at the church.

    Where Does The Couple Live Now?

    As of now, the couple resides in their $5.5 million house located in Fort Worth. The mansion spreads out over a 14,045-square-foot area. In the past, Jakes and his wife lived in West Virginia.


    Is Serita Jakes Still Alive?

    Yes, Serita is still alive and is now 67 years old.