Is Stephen King still alive? Does He Have Any Health Issues?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on June 18, 2023
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    Horror author Stephen King is facing a death hoax, so is he still alive or not? Fans have been worried about the famed writer due to his involvement in numerous deadly incidents in the past. 

    In this article, we will know more about if he is still alive, and what past health problems he faced. So, let us start this article.

    Is Stephen King Still Alive?

    Yes, our beloved horror author is still alive in 2023. He is 75 years old and is still unleashing his creativity like no one else. King still is a king of his game and is appreciated by a huge number of readers out there.

    The 75 years old Stephen is alive in 2023
    Stephen King is alive and healthy as of 2023

    He has contributed a lot to Hollywood by providing mind-boggling thriller stories. One of his stories “The Boogeyman” is getting adapted into a motion picture in June 2023.

    Does King Have Any Health Issues?

    As of 2023, Stephen appears to be healthy and doing well with no health issues. There also is no major news about it. This gives the fans a big relief and a big sigh.

    However, he has faced some serious and deadly incidents in the past. Let’s discuss them.

    Stephen King’s Accident

    On June 1999, Stephen King encountered a tragic accident while taking an evening walk. The beloved author was minding his own business while walking in North Lovell, Maine when a Dodge Caravan suddenly struck him from behind and left him severely injured.

    Reports suggest the driver was a construction worker named Bryan Smith who had lost control of the van. King was then hurriedly rushed to the Northern Cumberland Hospital and later transported to Central Maine Hospital in a helicopter.

    Stephen met a car accident in 1999
    Stephen survived a car accident in 1999.

    King was seriously injured and the doctors were debating over whether to amputate his right leg or not. He also broke his hip and punctured a lung. While a lot about the accident’s operation procedure is not known, Stephen is thankful for each day since the accident.

    King Has Not Forgotten The Accident

    In a tweet after 20 years of the accident in 2019, Stephen tweeted: “On June 19th, 1999 I got hit by a van while taking a walk. As I lay unconscious in the hospital, the docs debated amputating my right leg and decided it could stay, on a trial basis. I got better. Every day of the 20 years since has been a gift.”

    The Driver Who Hit King Died due to drug overdose

    In 2000, Bryan Smith the driver who hit Stephen King died of an accidental fentanyl overdose. Similarly, he also lost his license following some days after hitting King.

    Well, Bryan’s death saddened King and in response, he said: “I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Bryan Smith. The death of a 43-year-old man can only be termed untimely. I would wish better for anyone. Our lives came together strangely. I’m grateful I didn’t die. I’m sorry he’s gone.”

    Stephen King Was Hospitalised With Pneumonia In 2003

    Back in 2003, Stephen was hospitalized due to near-fatal pneumonia. In mid-November 2003, he caught pneumonia in his right lung. Despite the disease, he still went to the National Book Award in New York which was going to be his lifetime achievement.

    Stephen was hospitalized due to pneumonia
    Stephen experienced a near-fatal pneumonia

    But, when he returned home, the pneumonia had already spread to other lungs and became worse. He was immediately hospitalized and reports suggest he spent 25 days in the hospital. This particular incident is often linked to the 1999 tragic accident that punctured his lung.

    Slowly and steadily, he recovered and got healthier.

    King Battled Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

    The Pet Semetary author battled drug addiction and alcoholism for the majority of his life. He got into alcoholism when he was just 18 and could not control the bottles piling up. He slowly realized he was an alcoholic and when somebody told him to give up drinking, he was not able to.

    Apart from this, he was also introduced to cocaine and dope at star-studded Hollywood parties. Sometime later, he started using any substance that he found on his way.

    The addiction and indulgence in drugs and alcohol became so bad to King that he does not remember the majority of the books he has written. There are characters in his books that are alcohol-induced and inspired by his unconscious addictions.

    Stephen Is Now Sober

    Thankfully our amazing author is now sober for more than 33 years and is living a spiritual life. His addictions affected his family a lot and he that’s what influenced his sobriety.

    In an interview with BBC Radio 4, King opened up and said: “I was promised that if I sobered up, I wouldn’t regret the past or fear the future. And I don’t really fear the future. But there are many parts of my past I’m sorry that I regret.”

    He further added: “There are things that I would do differently if I had a chance to go back. And one of the things that I’m grateful for is that my grandchildren never saw me at my worst.”

    Where Does Stephen King Reside In 2023?

    As of 2023, King resides in Maine and Florida with his beloved wife and fellow novelist Tabitha King. However, sources tell us that, they don’t live in their Maine home anymore and have moved to Florida home for more privacy and security as many fans knew about his Maine home.

    King is still working in 2023
    Stephen King lives in Florida

    Not just that, there is one more reason why he left that home, and it is because it will turn into a museum that will hold an archive of King’s work which will become a retreat for some of his biggest fans.

    Is Stephen King Still Writing In 2023?

    Yes, he still is active in 2023 as he has been frequently releasing short stories and it is believed that his newest release will be in September 2023.

    Soon, the fans are going to get a big literary treat from the author.