Is Rosemarie Sonora Still Alive?

By Cannon | Updated on July 10, 2023
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    Lately, is Rosemarie Sonora still alive or not is one of the most searched quarries. Also, there have been some death hoaxes about the former actress. So, it is obvious that people became curious to know if Sonora is still alive. Where Sonora is now? How old is the Filipina former actress?

    Here is everything you need to know about Rosemarie including her current whereabouts and more. Without wasting any time, let’s get started.

    Is Rosemarie Sonora Still Alive?

    Yes, Sonora is still alive and living her best life. Having retired from acting a long time ago, her post-retirement life seems to be a healthy and happy one. Sonora has delivered amazing movies and has won numerous awards, so her retirement also looks to be a successful one.

    People became curious to know about her life at present after her older sister Susan Roces died on 20th May 2022.

    rosemarie sonora
    Rosemarie Sonora is now 74 years old.

    But, Sonora is still living her life in quite a healthy way. And this is very good news for her fans that she is still holding up really well.

    Where is Rosemarie Sonora Now?

    As of now, the former Filipina actress resides in California, United States. She is there living her long retirement life with her American husband and other family members.

    Prior to marrying her American hubby, Sonora who is still alive was married to the late Filipino actor named Ricky Belmonte. Born on December 1946, her late spouse Ricky died on 3rd October 200, in ParaƱaque, Philippines. He was merely 54 at the time of his death.

    The former couple also had a daughter named Sheryl Cruz, born on 5th April 1974. Like her parents, Sheryl is also an actress and singer. As of now, the star kid is living in California.

    What Is Rosemarie Doing Now?

    Well, the exact information about what she is up to now is not available. She is no more acting and there seems to be no anything available to claim what is her post-retirement profession.

    What is Her Age?

    At present, Rosemarie is 75 years old. She was born on 14th April 1948, in Bacolod, Philippines. She will celebrate her 75th birthday in the coming April of 2023.

    Talking about her parents, her Filipino father was of Spanish and Chinese Filipino descent while her mother was of French and Jewish descent.

    Rosemarie’s Sister Susan Died at 80

    Her older sister Susan Roces died on May 20, 2022, in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. Her actress sister was 80 years old at the time of her passing.

    Her cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest which means heart failure. She was interred next to her late husband Fernando Poe Jr. in the Manila North Cemetery. Her daughter Senator Grace Poe announced Susan’s death by saying: “With great sadness, we announce the loss of our beloved Jesusa Sonora Poe, whom many of you know as Susan Roces.”

    Rosemarie's sister Susan passed away at 80
    Susan Roces, Rosemarie’s sister died at 80

    A wake was held for Susan in Taguig City, but reports suggest Rosemarie did not attend her sister’s wake. However, we do not know the reason why.