Is Rich Porter Uncle Still Alive? His Whereabouts

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    Rich Porter is a late drug dealer who used to sell about $50k worth of crack a week. Sadly, the Afro-American drug tycoon was killed on January 3, 1990, by his own drug-dealing partner Alpo Martinez. Unfortunately, a month after his death, his kidnapped brother Donnell Porter was found dead, a mile away from Rich’s body. It was his uncle who kidnapped and murdered his brother.

    It’s been several years since Donnell and Rich’s maternal uncle Johnny “Apple” Porter killed his own nephew but many people are curious to know about him. So, let’s find out if Rich Porter’s uncle Johnny is still alive or not. If not, when did Porter die?

    Is Rich Porter’s Uncle Still Alive?

    Since Rich’s uncle from his mother’s side Johnny was imprisoned for kidnapping and killing his own nephew, the notorious criminal never came in front of the media nor in any interviews. So, there haven’t been any updates on whether or not his uncle is still alive.

    Some sources say Johnny Porter who is now reportedly in his 80s is living his retired life somewhere in the United States. Apparently, a few others claim that Rich’s uncle is already dead.

    Rich and his brother Donnelle
    Rich and his brother Donnell.

    However, until and unless Porter came forward himself or his close ones, we can’t say for sure whether or not Porter’s still alive.

    Rich Porter’s Sister Pat Was The Last To Talk To Their Uncle Johnny

    Pat Porter, the sister of Rich and Donnell Porter talked to their mysterious uncle Johnny while still in jail. She was so close to her uncle and it was hard for her to believe that Johnny did kidnap and murder her brother.

    But, when Johnny himself admitted to being responsible for Donnell’s kidnapping and murder in front of her, Pat knew the truth.

    Where Is Rich Porter’s Uncle Now?

    As said above, his maternal uncle Johnny has been out of the media since the news of his nephew Donnell’s death. However, there have still been many who want to know about Johnny’s whereabouts.

    However, the answer is still nothing because of his ultra-private nature. As mentioned earlier, while some believe Porter is still alive, others said Johnny is dead.

    When did Johnny Porter murder his nephew?

    Rich’s uncle eventually killed his brother Donnell on January 28, 1990. He was 12 years old at the time when Donnell was murdered. In fact, Porter was kidnapped on 5th December 1989 to extort $500,000 from his drug-dealer brother Rich.

    Rich Porter still alive
    Rich, a late drug dealer.

    However, after the delay in the ransom, Johnny killed Donnell who was found dead a mile away from Rich’s body.