Is Ric Flair Still Alive? His Health Update in 2023

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on June 2, 2023
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    Ric Flair, who has his last professional wrestling match at the age of 73 left people wondering if the WWE star came out alive or dead. The match made him one of the oldest wrestlers to ever wrestle and enter the ring with such dignity.

    Keeping our curiosity alive, let us dive deeper to know about the current status of Flair and his life.

    Is Ric Flair Still Alive?

    Yes, Ric Flair is still alive. The 16 times world champion is 74 years as of 2023 and does not look like someone who will give up so soon. Even the lethal match Flair had at the age of 73 was not big enough to pluck a single hair from his head. So, we can say the man is doing well and is living his life fully.

    Ric Flair captured on 1 May 2023
    Ric is alive and well

    As of now, the former WWE star reminiscing his old days and old times.

    Ric Flair Survived a Plane Crash; It Almost Ended His Life and Career

    On October 4, 1975, Ric was involved in a terrible plane crash that almost ended life and career. He along with 5 men boarded a small twin-engine Cessna 310 in North Carolina that was heading for a wrestling show in Wilmington.

    Luckily, the wrestlers survived the accident. However, Rick broke his back in three different places, and other wrestlers were also severely injured. Sadly, the pilot could not make it.

    Ric's plane crashed
    The plane in which Ric and other wrestlers suffered a crash

    Ric’s doctors claimed that he would never wrestle again but his ego made him fight. As a result, he did not obey the doctors and went to train for only six months before he entered the ring again.

    The Plane Crashed Due To Being Overweight

    According to Flair, the plane was overweight as the wrestlers were heavy and they had made the plane overweight. Because the pilot was struggling to take the plane off, he removed the fuel from the backup tank to compensate for the already overweight plane.

    Due to the overweight situation, the plane ate up all the fuel before arriving at the 45-minute flight destination. Tim Woods stated that they dropped like a rock suddenly when they were about to reach the runway. The plane tore through treetops and telephone poles before it nosedived and crashed.

    Ric Once Was In 31 Days Coma

    On August 14, 2017, Ric fell into a 31 days coma due to the complications caused by his bowel surgery which caused heart and kidney failures. He reportedly was an alcoholic. His family was informed that he only had a 20% chance of survival. However, he survived and began recovering fully after being discharged in September.

    In 2018 January, he posted photos updating about his recovery, and in the Twitter post, he captioned, “Then And Now…. Counting My Blessings Daily!”

    Ric flair suffering due to kidney failure
    Ric Flair hospitalized and was put into a medical coma

    After the miraculous recovery, he stated, “I didn’t think I was an alcoholic, but obviously I was. I’ll never drink again, I never want to go through this again.”

    Thankfully, he is stepping towards a better health decision. Furthermore, he thanked his family, friends, and his fans for praying for him and will not let anyone down.

    The Coma Incident Sparked Ric Flair’s Death Rumors

    When Ric was hospitalized for his surgery and went into a coma, people started believing that Ric had passed away. Not just believing the false fact, they even made it a rumor. From ears to ears, it became big news. The illogical people created fake WWE accounts to post the news.

    To strike back, Ric’s good friends like Offset, the rapper outraged and claimed that Ric was alive and doing well. Just like his wrestler friend Hulk Hogan, Ric also joined the list of death rumors created by stupid people on the internet.

    He Is Still Concerned About His Health

    Despite being one tough guy, Flair is really concerned about his health as of 2023. He specifically said he had some inner ear problems in the past and is still wearing the peacemaker from his last drinking injury.

    Before his last match in 2022 July, he spoke about all of his health concerns but still was not in the mood of giving up. He now resides in Charlotte, NC.

    Ric Has Lost His Son Reid Flair

    Just at the age of 25, in 2013, Ric’s son Reid passed away while battling drug addiction. The autopsy reported that he had a toxic mix of heroin and prescription drugs which eventually led to a heart attack.

    His body was found in a bed at a Residence Inn in South Park, North Carolina.

    Flair Blamed Himself For His Son’s Death

    In 2022 in an episode of To Be The Man, Ric spoke about his son’s loss. He went saying, “Not to uh….God, I don’t know! I made some bad choices after Reid passed. I would say to surround yourself with your family and not just stray off and find so much misery within yourself.”

    Ric Flair's son Reid Flair
    Reid Flair died of a drug overdose

    Further, he added that he used to blame himself and there was no way to share the guilt. His drinking problem also started after he lost his beloved child.