Is Patti Labelle Still Alive? Her Fight With Disease & More

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on July 3, 2023
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    The legendary singer and businesswoman Patti Labelle has always inspired hundreds with her works. However, at the same time due to her age, she has left people wondering if she is still alive or dead.

    Today in this article let us find out if she is going strong or has already left us. If dead what happened to her and if alive what is she doing? Let’s get started.

    Patti Labelle’s Bio Summary

    Full NamePatricia Louise Holte
    Status as of 2023Alive
    BirthMay 24, 1944
    Age79 years as of 2023
    OccupationSinger, Businesswoman
    ResidenceGladwyne, Pennsylvania

    Is Patti Labelle Still Alive?

    Yes, our beloved singer Patti Labelle is still alive. Singing her whole life and hitting 79 years in 2023, it is a privilege to witness Patti’s greatness that she has delivered to the music industry.

    Patti is alive and healthy
    Patti is not dead, she is alive in 2023

    Referred to as “Godmother of Soul”, Patti’s condition is all good. She is living well and doing good. Additionally, she is a healthy celebrity as of 2023.

    Patti Was Diagnosed With Diabetes

    Patti was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes back in 1994 and since then she has been fighting the disease. She came to know about the disease after she collapsed on the stage while performing in 1994.

    Patti is a diabetes patient
    In 1994, Patti was diagnosed with diabetes type 2

    In an interview with ABC in 2017 she said that some of her best friends are her doctors.

    Diabetes Changed Her Life

    Since the diagnosis, she has changed her lifestyle and even her entire diet plan. She also added:

    “When I was diagnosed, that was a wake-up call to stop frying the chicken,” she said. “[Now] it’s more salads and I carry my pots and pans on the road with me to make sure I’m eating the proper foods because if I cook it, I know what’s in it.”

    The drastic change in lifestyle also was not easy for the singer because the whole eating and cooking had to be reframed. From broiling chicken to sauteing vegetables, she is now modifying everything to remain healthy. Adding to the alertness, she checks her blood sugar more than 3 times a day.

    Where Does Patti Labelle Live?

    Patti is currently living in her new home in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Before moving to Gladwyne, she sold her Wynnewood home although is still a local there. She describes Gladwyne to be quiet and she really loves the place.

    It was an old house that she upgraded to a massive 9000 sq. ft. mansion. The house is surrounded by a lot of trees and beautiful landscapes. It also has a nice small swimming pool in the backyard.  Of course, it is a luxury home with a nice wine bar, a home theater, a big kitchen, and a classic living room.

    What Is Patti Doing Now?

    Patti is still performing tours and doing concerts in 2023. Her age has not been a barrier at all and she aims to rise even higher.

    Whoever meets her asks her if she is still working and still touring. For those questions, she gently answers, ‘Google me, boo, I’m always on the run. I’m booked, and busy and blessed.”

    Patti labelle owns a food owner
    Patti is a food brand tycoon in her 70s

    Moreover, she also is the owner of the brand Good Life. Now, she wants to expand her business by offering new breakfast items. The idea for expanding to breakfast came from her grandchildren who love a good tasty breakfast every morning. The recipes will also be safe for diabetic patients.

    And, yes, her recipes and her products are hit in Target and Walmarts. Also, we cannot forget the amazing reviews that celebrities like James Wright make about Patti’s recipes.