Is Patrizia Reggiani Still Alive?

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    Patrizia Reggiani is the ex-wife of one of the most successful businessmen Maurizio Gucci. But, now, Patrizia is much known as the convicted criminal from Italy who murdered her ex-husband by hiring a hitman. Following her release from jail, Patrizia has been living quite a secretive life. So, there has been a huge curiosity if Reggiani is still alive.

    Many reported that Reggiani is now working for a jewelry firm. Let’s find out more about her current whereabouts; where does the former socialite live now?

    Is Patrizia Reggiani Still Alive?

    She is still alive. Following her release from prison, the ex-convicted criminal is now living her life as a free woman. Many claimed that Reggiani is also the owner of several multi-millionaire real estate owned by her late husband. She got the properties after her divorce from her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci.

    Patrizia Reggiani
    Reggiani with her ex-husband.

    Her then-husband was also ready to pay her $1.47 million as an annual alimony. So, looking at her financial records, Patrizia might have been living her life in quite a luxurious way.

    What is Patrizia Reggiani doing now?

    She is now doing a job at Bozart, a costume and jewelry firm.  She first landed her job at a firm in 2014 and has since been with the company. As for her job title, Patrizia is a design consultant at Bozart, a brand in Milan known for its opulent and gaudy costume jewelry.

    Reggiani is also in charge of reading several fashion magazines.

    Where is Patrizia Reggiani Today?

    As of now, Reggiani is living her life in Milan. She was officially released from prison in October 2016, 18 years after her sentence, and has since been living her life as a free woman in her house located in Milan, a city in Italy.

    At her home in Milan, Patrizia now lives with her mother.

    Are Patrizia Daughters Still Alive?

    Patrizia had two daughters with her late ex-husband Gucci. They are Alessandra, born in 1977, and Allegra, born in 1981. Both of them are still alive and now are living their life with their husband and children in Switzerland.