Is Morgan Freeman Still Alive?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on June 13, 2023
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    The Hollywood veteran Morgan Freeman is still alive. Although the legendary actor is in his mid-80s, Morgan is doing great in his own way professionally and personally. He still has not retired and is quite active in the film industry.

    Demonstrating his dedication and talent, Freeman recently appeared in the film “A Good Person,” which was released in 2023. Despite his age, the 86 years old delivered a remarkable performance, showing his timeless acting abilities.

    Freeman is healthy and alive
    Morgan Freeman is alive, healthy, and well

    His remarkable ability to engage his audiences with his performances remains unmatched, defying any signs of slowing down or retirement.

    What Disease Does Morgan Freeman Have?

    Morgan carries a distinctive feature on his face which is a condition known as Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) in the form of small dark dot-like patches. These noticeable patches have likely caught your attention, as they stand out and are visible to anyone who sees him.

    Having been dealing with the condition for a significant period of time, the dark patches have been an essential part of his appearance. Rather than hiding it and concealing it, Freeman embraces the trademark aesthetic and wears it with pride.

    Freeman Survived a Car Crash In 2008

    In early August 2008, Morgan was involved in a severe car accident that had a deep impact on his life. The cases surrounding the accident were quite threatening, as the car the actor was traveling in flipped over multiple times, resulting in serious injuries.

    Morgan Freeman car crash of 2008
    Freeman survived a car crash in 2008

    In fact, Freeman was driving near his Mississippi home before the accident happened. He along with his female passenger in the car was thrown away into the air. The emergency workers who reached the spot rushed them to a hospital 90 miles away in Tennessee.

    Moreover, Morgan was fine and was holding up pretty well and was conscious, talking to the rescuers and even joking. However, the condition of the female passenger, Demaris Meyer was not known at the time. Also, it was Meyer’s car, not his.

    The exact cause of the accident is not available but sources included no alcohol or drug was involved.

    Demaris Meyer Filed Lawsuit Against Morgan After The Accident

    In February 2009, following the car accident, Meyer, the passenger involved in the crash, took legal action against Morgan. In her lawsuit, Meyer claimed that Morgan had been under the influence of alcohol (although on the spot no alcohol detection was spotted) that night and had shown reckless behavior while driving.

    The lawsuit filed by Meyer sought compensation for various damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and property loss. According to her claims, Morgan had consumed alcohol at a golf club prior to the accident and continued to drink at a friend’s house.

    Fortunately, the case reached a settlement.

    The Accident Left His Left Hand Permanently Damaged

    After Morgan suffered the worst car crash of his life in 2008, his left hand was the one that suffered the most. In the accident, the actor suffered a broken arm and a broken shoulder after the car flipped very badly.

    The broken arm led to an even worse condition of nerve damage and Morgan has been suffering it for more than a decade later.

    Morgan hand still is not well
    Morgan’s left arm still has not healed after more than a decade (pic from the Qatar World Cup 2022)

    In a 2010 interview, the Academy Award-winning star stated that “I suffered nerve damage, and it hasn’t gotten better. I can’t move it.” Even though the surgery was successful, it did not do any good. His nerve got so damaged, he had to start using only his right hand.

    Further, the surgery also caused him extreme muscle fatigue, mood issues, and sleepiness. The condition was described by the academy award winner as “fibromyalgia”. It causes him excruciating pain when he moves his hand a lot.

    What Happened to Morgan Freeman’s Hand? He Often Wears a Glove

    To calm the pain and help with the blood flow on his damaged arm, Freeman often wears a black glove. Reports suggest he started wearing the black glove immediately after the accident and has been continuing to do so even in 2023.

    Morgan spotted with a glove
    Freeman wore a black glove on his left arm for the Oscars 2023

    In recent days, Freeman wore his glove at the 2023 Oscars while walking down the stage with Margot Robbie. He was also wearing it at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

    Where is Morgan Freeman live now?

    Freeman is now happily living in Charleston, Mississippi. He has built an amazing and beautiful hacienda-style house on the land his grandparents owned which he later bought from his parents. Similarly, he is a passionate horseman who has a number of horses in his home.

    Morgan’s best friend is Bill Luckett with whom he owns the Ground Zero-Blues Club and an amazing premium restaurant named Madidi. Along with being an actor, he is an entrepreneur.


    What happened to Morgan Freeman?

    In 2008, Freeman got involved in a dreadful car accident, which left his hand paralyzed.

    Is Freeman’s hand still paralyzed?

    Yes, his hand is still paralyzed and the actor regularly wears globes in his hand.