Is Michael Turner Still Alive?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on July 5, 2023
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    The son of the late Ike Turner, Michael Turner is also a discussed topic about if the star kid is still alive or not in 2023. Suffering for most of his life, Michael has made everyone curious about his status and whereabouts.

    Let us dig some more in this article to know the truth about Michael Turner.

    Profile Summary

    Full NameMichael Turner
    ParentsIke Turner (father), Lorraine Taylor (biological mother), Tina Turner (stepmother)
    Status in 2023Alive

    Is Michael Turner Still Alive?

    As per reports, Michael is still alive. The young son of the singing sensation Ike Turner and foster child of Tina Turner seems to be alive and well in 2023. However, there is still not much information about him.

    Michael Turner
    Michael with his parents and siblings.

    Refraining from the spotlight for the majority of his life, Michael’s information is really less available to us.

    Michael Suffered From His Parents’ Split

    Just like his older brother Ike Turner Jr., Michael is the victim of his parents’ splitting in 1978. Turner’s biological mother Lorraine Taylor and father Ike had a really rough relationship which affected him a lot.

    According to his brother Ike Turner Jr., Michael could not bear the pain that his parents were not together anymore. His brother shared that, “Michael wanted my mother and father to get back together, and the next thing knew he was in the hospital, he was hurt by their being apart.”

    Michael Dealt With Addiction As An Adult

    As an adult even at the age of 38, Michael was a drug addict. He always had to deal with his addiction for most of his life. Multiple reports suggest he used to spend his days pushing supermarket trolleys.

    By collecting cans and bottles he sold them to buy the drugs. This is probably the habit he learned from his late father Ike Turner who also was a drug addict. He never accepted help from his stepmother Tina although she was always there to help him anytime. Found in the internet archive, Michael stated:

    “I’m gettin’ by without asking nobody for anything. I know I look bad and probably need to see a doctor. But I just deal with it. I know in my heart if I called Tina or my father, Ike, right now they would come and help me but I just can’t do it. Tina was really good to me and I love her but I can’t live with anybody. I gotta be free to do what I want to do.”

    Where Is Turner Now? What Is He Doing?

    Any information on where Micheal is and what he is doing is extremely difficult to confirm. However, we can at least hope and speculate that he eventually accepted his mother’s and brother’s help to get out of the addiction.

    Staying away from the limelight unlike most of his family members, Michael is a private person even now in 2023. Could be the aftermath of the drug addiction that he is choosing to keep his life low-key.