Is Michael Douglas Still Alive? Where Is Michael Now?

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    Michael Douglas is an actor who is better known for playing a wide range of roles in several movies and TV shows like Romancing the Stone, Wall Street, starring Charlie Sheen, and more. Unfortunately, the legendary actor with multiple acting credits was previously diagnosed with throat cancer which later turned out to be tongue cancer. Since then, his health condition has been a constant concern among his fans. Even, many of them are eager to know if Michael is still alive or dead. 

    Let’s find out everything about his battle with cancer to his current life status.

    Is Michael Douglas Still Alive?

    The Wall Street actor is currently living his golden years with his family members. It was announced the actor was diagnosed with deadly cancer in August 2010.

    Michael Douglas now
    Douglas is in his late 70s.

    Coming up to 2023, it’s already been over a decade and more since the actor was diagnosed with it but Douglas still does have a good life. And looking at his current state of health, Douglas would definitely live the next few years. 

    What is Michael Doing Now?

    Michael who is in his late 70s still keeps working in both movies and TV shows. In 2023, Michael played the role of Hank Pym in the superhero movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He also played the same roles in its previous sequels like Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame.

    He would also appear as Benjamin Franklin in the upcoming miniseries Franklin.

    Is Douglas’s Dad Kirk Douglas Still Alive?

    His dad Kirk is no more alive in this living world. He was a centenarian who passed away at the age of 103. Michael’s dad Kirk died on Feb 5, 2020, at his home in Beverly Hills, California. At the time of his passing, the late actor was surrounded by his family members.

    Years before his death in Jan 1996, Kirk survived a severe stroke.

    Is Eric Douglas Still Alive?

    No, Eric, Michael’s step-brother from his father’s relationship with stepmother Anne Buydens died on 6th July 2004. He was found dead in his Manhattan apartment by his maid at the age of 46.

    Michael Was Diagnosed With Tounge Cancer

    In August 2010, it was announced that Michael, the Academy Award-winning actor was suffering from throat cancer. But, later it came to know Douglas had been diagnosed with tongue cancer. He later disclosed his cancer was at an advanced stage of IV.

    The reason why Douglas did lie about his cancer was actually his doctor who said if they had to undergo a tongue surgery, “it’s not going to be pretty. You could lose part of your tongue and jaw.”

    So, to protect his shining career, his surgeon didn’t let him reveal the truth.

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    Where Does Douglas Live Now?

    As of now, Michael and his wife of two decades Catherine Zeta-Jones split their time between Irvington, New York state, and Majorca with their two children, a son Dylan and a daughter Carys. Furthermore, the iconic couple also owns properties in Bermuda and Canada.

    Michael and his wife.


    Is He Still Alive Today?

    Yes, Douglas is still living.

    Is Michael still married?

    The actor is still married to his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. The two married in 2000.