Is Martin Sheen Still Living? Know About His Current Lifestyle

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    Martin Sheen is still alive. The actor who gained international fame following his role as Captain Benjamin Willard in an epic war movie Apocalypse Now has already hit the 80s but still looks so healthy and vigorous. In the past, Martin, the proud father of Hollywood stars Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen also faced death rumors, which later turned out to be false news.

    So, how is Martin’s life at present? Is Sheen still doing movies and TV shows? Here is a full detail on his current lifestyle.

    Is Martin Sheen Still Alive?

    As already mentioned, Martin is still living quite a healthy life. It could be because of genetics but Sheen still looks too young for his age. As of 2023, Sheen who has already spent over six decades in the entertainment world is currently 82 years old.

    But, looking at his well-maintained health, there is no doubt Martin who appeared in Badlands starring Sissy SpacekĀ would definitely live the next several years at the same pace.

    What is Martin doing these days?

    Still, Martin keeps working on both movies and TV shows. Looking at his age, you may think if the actor has already retired from acting. But, the fact is that Sheen has yet to show any sign of taking a permanent break from acting.

    Instead, Sheen is busy with both movies and TV roles. He is also involved in several other works like charity and is a strong advocate of HIV/AIDS even long before his son Charlie Sheen came out HIV-positive in 2015.

    Is Sheen Still Married?

    Yes, Sheen has still been married to his wife Janet Sheen. The couple exchanged their vows in December 1961. And coming up to 2023, the loving duo has already been married for over six decades. Still, they are going so strong and have been a solid rock for each other during their every up and downs.

    Martin Sheen
    Martin is 82 years old.

    From their marriage that has spanned over a half-century, Martin is also the father of four children.

    Martin Supports His HIV-Infected Son Charlie Sheen

    Although it was difficult to face society when Martin’s son Charlie was diagnosed with HIV, his family members were incredibly supportive of him, especially his father. He announced his HIV diagnosis on November 17, 2015.

    But, later, it was reported the actor was already infected with it years before Sheen came out.

    Sheen Now Lives in His Malibu Mansion

    As of now, Martin resides in his Malibu mansion which the actor even considers his “favorite place in the world.” He there lives with his wife of several years Janet.

    Further, the Grace and Frankie actor also owns an old cottage in Santa Monica. He played in Grace along with Sam Waterston.