Is Magic Johnson Still Alive? What Happened to Magic Johnson?

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2023
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    Magic Johnson is a former NBA star who is considered the greatest point guard of all time. However, in 1991, the NBA legend with a massive 6ft 9in height came out HIV positive. Ever since the former athlete announced his HIV diagnosis, many wonder to know if Johnson is still alive.

    Let’s know more about his life at present.

    Is Magic Johnson Still Alive?

    Johnson is still living his life in quite a normal way. It’s been over three decades since the NBA star was diagnosed with the terrific disease but Johnson never let it get him down rather is fighting against it as a strong advocate of HIV/AIDS.

    is magic johnson still alive
    Magic Johnson with his wife.

    After his HIV diagnosis, Magic is also trying to make his life as normal as any other healthy freak wants to. So, last but not least, Magic who is now 63 years old is vigorous.

    What Happened to Magic Johnson?

    As said above, Magic is the victim of a deadly disease, HIV. He announced that He was diagnosed with HIV in a press conference held in November 1991. He also announced his retirement from his then-refulgent NBA career.

    Although Magic looked a little hesitant to expose how He contracted the disease, the greatest point guard said He was diagnosed with it because of his multiple sexual relationships.

    After that, Magic has been actively working as an advocate for several HIV/AIDS prevention organizations. Soon after Johnson came out HIV positive, the NBA star established the now-defunct Magic Johnson Foundation in order to help combat HIV.

    He is now an advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention and safe sex.

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    Johnson Now Lives in Beverly Park With His Wife and Children

    Johnson, 63, is currently living his life in Beverly Park Southern California – home with his family members including his wife and children. He also has a vacation home in Dana Point, California.

    He has been married to his wife Cookie since the year 1991. The two wed in a small wedding ceremony held in Lansing. Despite Magic’s early HIV diagnosis, his wife never try to give up on him and rather stood like a solid rock throughout his downtime.

    The two also have a son named Earvin III.

    Is Johnson’s Parents Still Alive?

    Talking about whether or not Magic’s parents are still in this living world or dead, his father named Earvin Johnson Sr. died at McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital in March 2023. Earvin, a Mississippi sharecropper died at the age of 88.

    Johnson took to Instagram to share the news of his father’s death and wrote,

    “I wanted to be just like my dad.”

    He further said that his “father was the hardest working man I’ve ever known. He worked two to three jobs at any given time to provide for his family and never made excuses.”

    But Magic’s mother Christine is alive. Her mom was a school custodian.


    What is the illness of Magic Johnson?

    Johnson’s illness is HIV diagnosis.

    How Old Was Magic Johnson When He Found Out?

    Johnson was 32 years old when Johnson came out HIV positive in 1991.