Is Lorraine Taylor Still Alive? Where Is She Now?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on July 5, 2023
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    Known for being the wife of the late Ike Turner, Lorraine Taylor’s alive or dead status really confuses a lot of people. This is because many sources have no solid claims to affirm her current real status.

    Worry not as this article is for you to clear all the doubts and know about Lorraine’s current whereabouts. Let’s get started.

    Is Lorraine Taylor Still Alive? Where Is She Now?

    No, unfortunately, Lorraine Taylor is not alive. One of the many wives of the legendary singer Ike Turner, Lorraine is sadly not with us today in this world. While a lot of sources still suggest that Taylor is unknown to the media as of 2023, it is not true.

    Lorraine is dead already
    Lorraine Taylor is not alive she is already dead

    Therefore, Lorraine is now dead and in heaven living the rest of her life.

    How Did Lorraine Taylor Die?

    Lorraine died by shooting herself. A historic movie made in 1993 titled “What’s Love Got To Do With It” confirmed this information. The movie is a life story or a biography of Tina Turner or Anna Mae Bullock.

    She was the singing partner of Lorraine’s ex-husband Ike and they made an amazing musical duo too. In the movie, Lorraine is depicted to have shot herself after things heated up between Lorraine, Tina, and Ike.

    Let’s now know what happened.

    Why Did Lorraine Shoot Herself?

    According to the movie aforementioned, Lorraine shot herself because the ex-celebrity spouse believed Ike was having an affair with his singing partner Tina Turner. The rumor of Ike and Tina’s affair however was true since they moved together to Los Angeles to their new home. Hence, Lorraine was cheated on.

    Taylor, the mother of Ike Turner Jr and Michael Turner reached Ike’s home in Los Angeles which made the matter even worse. Tina was pregnant at that time and Lorraine pointed a gun at her. Shortly after, Taylor went into the bathroom and shot herself right in the side damaging her lungs and killing her.

    Lorraine Taylor Killed Herself
    Lorraine shot herself to death

    According to Tina’s statement about Taylor’s death, the artist said, “Oh, God, Lorraine was screaming and yelling and Tina was saying, ‘Ike, Ike, she’s got a gun’, and then, bam, we heard this explosion. Lorraine had gone into the bathroom and shot herself right in the side, hitting her lungs. There was blood all over the place. And then the police thought I did it.”

    Big self-doubt killed her but turned out that at that time Tina and Ike were just friends until 1960 when the late artist finally landed on Ike’s bed.

    How Did Lorraine’s Ex-Husband Ike Die?

    Ike Turner died because of a drug overdose as the musician was a bad cocaine addict. On December 12, 2007, Turner took his last breath being a worse drug addict for the last 15 years before his death.

    Along with being a drug addict, Ike also used to abuse his wives. His news about domestic violence multiple times was reported and yes those reports impacted his life. His acts of violence were so bad that Tina did not even attend his funeral.