Is Loni Anderson still alive?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on July 7, 2023
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    Loni Anderson, the popular actress who started her career around 1966, made a huge name and fame in the industry. She was most recognized for her role as Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Out of all the fame, there also was once a huge controversy about a hoax about her death. So, is Loni still alive?

    In the article below, we will talk about Loni’s life and all about her life.

    Is Loni Anderson Still Alive?

    Yes, the veteran actress is alive and doing pretty well in her life. She is in her late 70s as of 2023 and is still carrying the limelight of her grace and elegance.

    Loni Anderson is still alive.
    Actress Anderson is alive and is 77 years old today. Source: Getty Images

    Although being a little passive in her acting career, the actor has not yet disappeared from the media. She is regularly seen making appearances on the red-carpet events of several galas, premiers, and charity events.

    Anderson’s Death Hoax Spread Worldwide

    The death rumor about the veteran actress once spread all over the media. It came out through a Facebook page, ‘R.I.P Loni Anderson‘ which claimed that the artist was dead and stated;

    At about 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday (June 21, 2023), our beloved actress Loni Anderson passed away. Loni Anderson was born on August 5, 1945, in Saint Paul. She will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.

    The page and the post gained millions of attraction from the audience. Anderson’s fans and close ones were very concerned about her well-being and a few of them also showed their condolences through several messages.

    Despite a few of the audience believing in the news spread through the page, the other few strongly presented their disbelieve of the news.

    After only a day of the rumor’s wide spreading, it was immediately dismissed by the representatives of Loni.

    Loni Was Diagnosed With Secondhand Smoke Syndrome, Her Health

    The Golden Globe award nominee was once diagnosed with secondhand smoke syndrome. Anderson had been a non-smoker her entire life but had to bear the consequences of regular smoking with her parents.

    Loni Anderson suffered from second hand smoking syndrome.
    Actress Loni had to lose her parents to cancer. She also was diagnosed with secondhand smoke syndrome.

    Along with the actress her sister too had been in constant exposure to smoke while growing up. Both of them faced a lot of problems in their pulmonary health. Loni once shared how growing up her alarm clock was her dad coughing to clear out his lungs.

    As a result of this, Anderson also had to lose both of her parents. What happened to Loni Anderson’s parents?

    Anderson Lost Her Parents To Cancer

    Due to addiction to constant smoking for several years, both of Loni’s parents later died of cancer. Her father was so enslaved to smoking that he even smoked in the hospital itself.

    Her father was already a patient of Emphysema and chronic bronchitis for two decades and died at the age of 54. Following her father, Anderson’s mother also had liver and pancreatic cancer. She dies at the age of 60.

    After losing her parents, the CBS sitcom actor always stood against smoking. She was so strongly against it that during her entire acting career, she only had a single cigarette scene.

    Has Actress Loni Retired?

    Anderson who had been in the field of television for nearly five decades, today has slowed down in her acting career. She initially stopped working for cinemas, when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Loni had to take full-time care of her daughter due to which she retired from her profession.

    The latest she was seen was in 2018 promoting WKRP in Cincinnati and other television series on the MeTV network. Although not being a part of the media through her works, she is still making bold appearances in several events.

    Loni is making appearances in red carpet.
    Anderson is often seen making appearances on the red carpet. Source: Getty Images

    The 77 years old is still able to grab all the media attention and limelight through her glamour.

    Loni Anderson Today Lives in Los Angeles

    Anderson is living her settled life in Los Angeles, California with her family. She has been living with her husband, Bob Flick, and are together since 2008.

    Along with being a family woman today, Loni is also actively involved in the COPD support organization since the death of her parents. Following this, she also published an autobiography, My Life in High Heels where you can know much more about her life.