Is Jungle Pam Hardy Still Alive?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on June 16, 2023
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    The racing industry bombshell of the 1960s and 1970s Jungle Pam Hardy is living a private life lately and her absence from the public is wondering people if Jungle is still alive or dead.

    Apparently, many have speculated Hardy has left the world already as her absence is really disturbing. However, that is not the truth. So, where is Jungle now in 2023?

    Is Jungle Pam Hardy Still Alive?

    Good news, yes, Jungle Pam is still alive in 2023. She is doing well and nice after the drag racing career she was so enthusiastically involved in. The 90’s drag racing bombshell has managed herself properly even in her 60s today in 2023.

    Jungle is still living
    Jungle Pam Hardy is alive in 2023

    She is still remembered for her amazing drag-racing vibe that she used to emit in the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to her drag racing, she is also known strongly as the girlfriend of the late Jungle Jim Liberman.

    Who Is Late Jungle Jim Liberman?

    Jungle Jim Liberman was the boyfriend of Jungle Pam back in the racing days. She started dating Jim in the year 197. Her then-beau popularized drag racing by owning funny race cars and his funny way of racing the cars. He was the one to drag Pam to the drag racing career.

    Pam with late Jim
    Pam and Jim used to date back in the 1970s

    In fact, the former couple began their relationship after Jim found her good-looking and invited her to a party. Pam also eventually fell in love with Jim and the drag racing industry seeing the vibrant cars and the vibe. She even dropped out of college to get involved with Liberman in drag racing.

    What Happened To Jim?

    Sadly, Jim passed away after a tragic accident in 1977. After only two years of dating and being in love, the dynamic pair separated forever. Liberman was driving a yellow 1972 Corvette in Pennsylvania. Reports suggest he was driving too fast and rounded a corner on the West Chester Pike. He collided with a SEPTA transit bus and crashed on the heavy metal of the bus.

    The car crashed so severely that it took the first responders more than an hour to get him out of the wreckage. The whole funny drag racing industry was devastated after the news and it equally took a toll on Pam.

    Pam Got Out Of The Racing Career After Jim’s Death

    After Jim’s death, Pam could not handle the pain. So, she got out of the industry. Sadly, Pam had to know about the death of Liberman by her mother. This was even a greater pain to bear for Pam and she left the world of drag racing.

    Jungle Pam was sidekick for Jim Liberman
    Pam packing chute for Jim in the 1970s

    However, she makes some occasional appearances on the race track later.

    What Is Pam Doing Now? Her Current Whereabouts

    As of 2023, Pam is living a really low-key life. She hardly appears in the greater public and maintains a private life. After getting out of the racing industry, she got back to working a 9-5 job that she used to do earlier.