Is Jamsheed Marker Still Alive?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on June 14, 2023
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    Jamsheed Marker, the leading Pakistani Diplomat is no longer among us today. He worked as the most influential Pakistani Ambassador to The United States. Despite being a prominent personality for so long, Jamsheed was not much into the media field which made people assume that he is still alive.

    So, how did Jamsheed die? Here, in this article, we will talk about the facts related to both his life and death.

    Is Jamsheed Still Alive?

    Unfortunately, no. Jamsheed Parker is not alive at present. He died at the age of 95, in the year 2018. As reported, Jamsheed did not die out of any diseases or illnesses. He passed away naturally.

    Pakistani Ambassador Jamsheed died five years ago.
    Pakistani Ambassador Jamsheed is not alive He died in 2018.

    After his lifetime too, Marker holds the Guinness World Record of the “Ambassador to more countries than any other person” as of 2018. He lived a prosperous and well-known life.

    How Did Marker Die? His Cause of Death

    As per the information we have till today, Jamsheed did not die out of any diseases. Hence, Marker died out of old age. He passed away in Karachi on Thursday. The news of his death circled way too quickly and grabbed a lot of attention from all around the world.

    Addressing the concern of the public, Jamsheed’s nephew, Ardeshir Marker stated,

    “Pakistan has lost a great ambassador. It’s a national loss … We are grateful to people for condoling his death.

    The ambassador’s funeral was held on Bath Island after his body was taken to the Tower of Silence in Mahmoudabad at 3:30 PM.

    About Jamsheed’s Long-Lived Life: Who Was He?

    Jamsheed was a veteran Pakistani diplomat who used his ambassadorial skills for advancing his country. He served as Pakistan’s ambassador for three decades, commanded a minesweeper in the Royal Indian Navy during the Second World War, and also pioneered cricket commentary in Pakistan in the 1950s.

    Following his loyalty, Marker got a chance to become the country’s ambassador to the U.S. in 1986. He played a huge role to negotiate the withdrawal of the former Soviet military from Afghanistan.

    Ambassador Jamsheed Marker died after 30 years of service
    Jamsheed (left) worked as Pakistani Ambassador for more than three decades. Source: Getty Images

    Late Jamsheed likewise worked as undersecretary general of The UN and also as a special adviser to the former UN secretary-general. He did a great job in his field till his lifetime.

    Jamsheed Lost His Wife Diana To Cancer

    Diplomat Jamsheed lost his wife Diana Dinshaw to cancer. Diana suffered from cancer long ago and fought against it until her death in 1979. Parker had two daughters with his late wife, Niloufer Reifler, and Feroza.

    It was a tough time for him along his children to get out of the traumatic event. Jamsheed later got married to his current widow, Arnaz Minwalla.

    Jamsheed with his second wife Arnaz Minwalla.
    Diplomat Marker with his second wife Arnaz. His first wife died of Cancer in 1979.

    He and Arnaz lived a happy married life until Parker’s death parted ways away.

    He Also Lost His Daughter, Feroza

    Following the death of his first wife, Marker also had to lose his daughter, Feroza. She lost her life in a car accident in 2001 at a young age. It has today been more than 20 years since Marker’s daughter left this world.

    After Feroza and himself, Jamsheed today only has his second daughter, widowed wife, and one of his brothers in his family. So, where is the late Diplomat’s family today?

    Where Is Marker’s Family Now?

    Marker’s family has been living at his residence at Bath Island in Karachi. All of his family members are indulged in their respective occupations at present and are all out of the media’s limelight.

    Jamsheed who worked for so long for the nation, made his net worth up to billions until the day of his demise. His family is living a wealthy and peaceful life at the moment.