Is Jackie Chan Still Alive?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on July 10, 2023
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    Jackie Chan, the most loved martial artist and action star is known for his hardcore actions that he does all by himself. So, the actions Chan does and the injuries he suffers have wondered people if he is still alive or dead.

    In this article, we will decode all the truth about Jackie and his health.

    Jackie’s Bio Summary

    Full NameJackie Chan
    Status as of 2023Alive
    Age69 years
    BirthApril 7, 1954
    Disease Suffering FromSamuel Jackson Kinny
    Current ResidenceHangzhou
    Current ProfessionActor, Director, Philanthropist

    Is Jackie Chan Still Alive?

    Worry not, Jackie is still alive. Our fantastic and beloved martial artist is luckily doing well and healthy in 2023. The fans can’t be thankful enough to Jackie for giving us many incredible movies. Chan is 69 years old and it still amazes us to see how he can still pull off such amazing stunts on his own.

    Jackie chan is alive in 2023
    Chan is alive and healthy in 2023

    He is an active and fun-loving actor who can be seen doing amazing actions in movies. And thankfully, he is still able to provide us with equally good movies with a movie called Hidden Strike soon to be released with Chan in the lead.

    The Mysterious Disease of Chan

    As of today in 2023, Chan is facing a very rare and mysterious disease. Reports suggest the disease is called Samuel Jackson Kinny (SJK). The disease is known to cause extreme and severe pain in the joints of the body and also causes stiffness.

    Despite facing numerous injuries and life-threatening stunts throughout his life, this disease came out to be surprising. Even someone as strong and brave as Chan is helpless against SJK. However, he does not plan on giving up so soon. The fighter has always been open about his disease and is currently on treatment and medications. Even though, he is regularly on his medications, his body does not seem to be cooperating.

    He has suffered so many blows in his life, suffered so many big injuries that this disease now taking over his body. All the injections and pain relieves he takes to subside the pain are proving to be ineffective. If the pain still continues to get worse, the actor is planning on getting surgery.

    Death Hoax Of Jackie Chan

    Back in 2011, the very sad news of Chan’s death hoax circulated the internet. Many social media networks and other media spread the hoax that Chan suffered a big heart attack and died. The news took over the internet so quickly that it even caught his attention

    Jackie Chan's death hoax took over the internet
    The death hoax of Jackie spread multiple times

    In response to the hoax and the false news, Jackie himself confirmed that he was not dead. On his official Facebook page, he wrote: “Jackie is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports.”

    Where Does Jackie Chan Live?

    Reports suggest Chan currently lives in his Hangzhou, China home. He bought the home in 2022 for $8 million. The mansion oversees the Qiantang River passing through the city.

    Chan now lives in China
    Jackie’s current residence is in China, Hangzhou

    The house is embedded with luxury interiors that speak nothing but lavishness. The living room features a glided ceiling built from pure 18-cart gold and the walls and tiles of the house are beautiful milky-white marble. Moreover, it is in a perfect location that allows the actor to travel to his work via helicopter.

    Is Chan Still Acting?

    Yes, Chan is still acting. He loves acting and still does not want to give up the work so soon. As aforementioned, his new works are coming to the theatres soon. In 2023 itself a movie named Hidden Strike is releasing and in 2024, we get to see Kung Fu Panda 4.

    Although he has retired from hardcore action movies that take a toll on his physical health, we can expect some other genres from the actor.