What Happened to Gena Tew? Where is She Now?

By Cannon | Updated on July 14, 2023
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    Ever since Gena Tew was diagnosed with HIV AIDS, her health condition is a constant concern among her fans. They are also eager to know if Genan Tew is still alive or dead. As per sources, after her HIV diagnosis, the social media star has even been facing more health issues. She is now reportedly blind in one eye.

    Further, Tew experienced substantial weight loss due to the effects of the HIV infection. But, after all, the main concern is if Tew is still living.

    Let’s find it out in the following article!

    Is Gena Tew Still Alive?

    Yes! Gena is still alive. As said above, ever since the TikTok star was diagnosed with HIV AIDS, most of his fans have shown genuine concern about her reported-deteriorated health condition. Amidst her HIV news, some online sources even claimed that Tew is already dead.

    gena tew
    Tew is an HIV patient.

    The rumors about her death even led people to think about whether or not Tew is still in this living world. In fact, Gena is alive in this living world and is also doing great health-wise.

    What Happened to Tew?

    She was diagnosed with HIV AIDS. Ever since Tew has been HIV-positive, her health is a constant concern among people. As per TMZ, the TikTok star after her HIV diagnosis underwent a successful eye surgery in Memphis. An insider later told that Gena was completely blind in one eye before the procedure.

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    Gena Tew Weight Loss

    As we all know that HIV-infected patients may experience substantial weight loss due to the effects of the HIV infection. And the same could be said for Gena who dropped a shocking 65 pounds. But, the TikTok star is now gradually regaining her weight back.

    Because of the weight plummeting, her muscle atrophy also weakened her legs significantly. For that reason, she struggles to walk without support.


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    At present, Tew can also walk with the help of a walking cane.

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    How Old is Tew?

    As of now, Tew is 28 years old. She was born on 16th December 1994, in the United States.

    Where Does Gena Live?

    Gena lives in a rented home in Los Angeles, USA. While we do not know the big details of her home, reports suggest she decorates her home and like to keep it lively.

    How Is Gena Tew Doing?

    Gena is doing good. As of now to stay healthy she revealed that her AIDS medicine costs $4000. On the other hand, she also is improving her weight gain and walking ability. But her main concern now is HIV/AIDS. Moreover, she also gave the good news to the fans.

    Gena's health is improving
    Gena in 2023, her health is improving

    In a video, she said that if her CD4 reaches more than 200, she will be considered a person living with HIV only instead of AIDS. Furthermore, after CD4 crosses 200 her blood will also not be able to transmit to someone else. She also is confident about fighting AIDS, she said: “I can have a normal life. Let’s get rid of that stigma,” she said as the video drew to a close. “AIDS isn’t a death sentence. I survived—I’m a survivor.”