Is Gayla Peevey Still Alive? Know About Her Whereabouts

By Cannon | Updated on July 11, 2023
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    Gayla Peevey is a former singer and child star. The former child artist gained huge popularity after recording a Christmas novelty song ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ at the age of 10. The song also debuted at number 24 on Billboard magazine’s pop chart. Her fame was, however, short-lived as Peevey hasn’t been in the media since the early 1960s as a singer.

    Since Peevey’s current whereabouts are scarce, many have questioned if Gayla is still alive or not. So, let’s find out about her life at present in the article below.

    Is Gayla Peevey Still Alive?

    Yes, ‘”I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas’ singer Peevey is still alive and is living her life in the United States with her family members. The 80-year-old former singer is still healthy and well.

    As mentioned earlier that the former child singer has kept herself away from the public for several years now. But the fact that she is still alive matters the most.

    Gayla Peevey
    Gayla is now 80 years old.

    However, due to her private nature, there have been some queries about whether or not Gayla is still alive or where the child star lives now.

    What Is Peevey Doing Now?

    As of now, Peevey is just living her best life admiring her daughter and grandchildren. She also continues to get the royalties from the sale of her hit song ” I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas”. Furthermore, she runs a jingle advertising company and also sings in the church. She actually had a really short professional career, retiring in 1962. Unfortunately, the reasons for her early retirement are not known,

    Where is Gayla Peevey Now?

    At present, Gayla now resides in La Mesa, California. She lives there along with her husband named Cliff Henderson.

    Peevey lives in Californina
    Peevey is now a California resident

    The couple also has a daughter named Sydney Forest, an American composer and musician. Sydney is also the mother of three children.

    Did She Have Any Health Issues?

    No, Peevey doesn’t have any health issues nor even in the past. She has been living a healthy life ever since. As of 2023, Peevey is 80 years. She was born on March 8, 1943, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. But, the child star grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma. She went to Columbus Elementary School and then earned a Bachelor of Education degree from San Diego State University.

    Gayla has no health issues
    Peevey is healthy even today with no disease recorded or reported

    At present, Peevey is living her retirement life.

    Did Gayla Ever Get A Hippopotamus?

    Yes, she got a hippopotamus. The Oklahoma City Zoo was fascinated by her song’s popularity and decided to raise a fund to buy Peevey a hippopotamus.

    The zoo raised about $3000 back in 1953 and bought a hippo to gift to Gayla. The hippo was a baby when she received and it was named Matilda. Matilda was then donated to the zoo itself by Peevey where she spent 45 years.

    Sadly, at the age of 47 in 1998, Matilda left the world dying from a heart attack while she was being transferred to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Thankfully, Peevey’s song shall always remind us of Matilda.