Is Frank Lucas Wife Still Alive? Where Is Julianna Farrait Now?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on July 24, 2023
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    Julianna Farrait had made a huge negative name and fame in the criminal industry following her late husband, Frank Lucas. Farrait has nearly disappeared from the outer world. Her late hubby Frank died at 88 on May 30, 2019. Ever since his passing, many people curious to know if is Frank Lucas’s wife still alive. Where is Julianna now?

    Here, in this article, we will dig into all the curiosity surrounding the gangster’s wife’s life.

    Is Frank Lucas’s Wife Still Alive?

    Yes, the drug lord, Lucas’s wife Julianna Farrait is still alive. Julianna is currently 82 years old and living a good life. Being a pretty loyal wife all her life and supporting her husband in each scandalous deed, Farrait brought several troubles for herself too. Ever since her engagement with the gangster, Farrait lived a pretty risky life

    Lucas's wife, Julianna is still alive.
    Frank Lucas’s wife, Julianna Farrait is still alive. She was released from 5 years of imprisonment in 2017.

    Where Is Julianna Farrait Now?

    The last time Farrait was noticed by the outer world was recently after her release. She was released from jail after serving 5 years of imprisonment, which was completed in 2017.

    Julianna served five years of sentence and was released in 2017.
    A picture during Farrait’s trial. Today, she is living a secret life.

    Soon after Farrait was freed from jail, she lost her husband. After the life-changing incident, she was never seen around. There is a high chance that she willingly is living a private life at present.

    Lucas’s Wife Is Living A Life Of a Millionaire

    The Lucas couple made chunks of money during the high time of their crime. They have been reported to have earned nearly a million per day.

    Frank had a net worth of approximately $53 million at the time of his death which later might have come to Julliana and their children.

    Farrait Lost Her Husband in 2019

    Julianna lost her husband, Lucas on May 30, 2019, in Ceder Grove, New Jersey. As she was deeply in love with her partner, Farrait was traumatized by his death.

    Julianna lost her husband Frank in 2019.
    Julianna with her late husband, Frank, and one of her babies. They gave birth to seven children together. Source: Getty Images

    Before Frank’s death, he was bound to a wheelchair which led due to a car accident the offender met. In all the good and bad days, Julianna supported her husband and also was proud of it. She said,

    “Some call us the black Bonnie and Clyde because we have always stuck by one another,”

    The former couple got together on their very first meeting on a flight. They married each other in 1967 and gave birth to seven children together. Julianna stuck to the love of her life until 2019 when Frank took his last breath.


    1. Is Frank Lucas’s wife still involved in drug dealing?

    Most probably not. Lucas’s wife, Julianna is living a clean life today. After serving five years of sentence and her partner’s death, she is no more involved in the criminal world.

    2. Where are Frank and Julianna’s children? Are they also criminals?

    All the seven children of Lucas’s couple are grown up and are away from the criminal industry. Luckily, their parents always kept them away from their deeds. Their eldest son, Frank Lucas Jr. is today an actor.