Is Donald Sutherland Still Alive?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on June 22, 2023
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    Donald Sutherland is a veteran actor, who has worked in the movie industry for more than half of his life. However, a death hoax recently spread about Sutherland already being dead. So, what is the truth? Is Donal Sutherland still alive?

    Here, in this article, we will know whether the Grammy winner actor is still living or not.

    Is Donald Sutherland Still Alive?

    Yes, Sutherland is still alive and living a peaceful life. Born in 1953, the actor is currently 87 years old but is still working in his field. He made his recent appearance in a Netflix film, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, which was released in the year 2022.

    Actor Donald Sutherland is still alive.
    Actor Sutherland is still alive.

    So, his aforementioned works prove that the 87 years old is still active in the industry.

    Sutherland’s Death Hoax Was Once Trending

    A rumor about the actor’s demise spread all around social media through a Facebook page, R.I.P Donald Sutherland. The page gained millions of attractions when it posted news about Donald passing away and stated,

    At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (June 16, 2023), our beloved actor Donald Sutherland passed away. Donald Sutherland was born on July 17, 1935, in Saint John. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.

    Many people believed the news and started showing their support and writing condolences for Sutherland and his family members. On the other side, most of his fans were also sure that the news was fake.

    The assumptions made by the actor’s fans were soon proved to be right. On the very next day of the news being spread, Donald’s representative came forward and confirmed that the actor was still alive and was doing well.

    Donald Had a Near Death Experience

    The Kelly’s Hero actor had a near-death experience during the shoot of the movie. It was caused due to Spinal Meningitis, an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord.

    Donald Sutherland had a near-death experience.
    Actor Donald nearly died due to Spinal Meningitis.

    The star revealed much more about his experience and shared;

    “I got sick in the middle of shooting Kelly’s Heroes. I came to Yugoslavia for a day’s filming, and I was out for six weeks. They took me to the hospital – I had spinal meningitis. They didn’t have antibiotics, so I went into a coma, and they tell me that for a few seconds, I died.

    I saw the blue tunnel, and I started going down it. I saw the white light. I dug my feet in.”

    It was quite strange as well as lucky for Sutherland that Donald got to experience death like no one ever did before.

    The Actor Did Not Live a Healthy Life

    Donald never had a healthy life. He suffered from several illnesses from a very early age. The unhealthy childhood later led to the meningitis that nearly took his life. Sutherland had a long history of diseases. He suffered from polio, rheumatic fever, hepatitis, an appendectomy, pneumonia, scarlet fever, and many other minor illnesses as well.

    The long history of unhealthy life has left a lot of discomfort in the actor who will be 90 soon.

    Where is Donald Sutherland Today?

    Today, Donald lives in Miami with his wife, Francine Racatte. They have been living in a modest-two-bedroom, ocean-view house near Miami Beach for more than 10 years now.

    Donald Sutherland with his wife.
    Donald lives a healthy and wealthy life with his wife in Miami.

    Before moving into his current house, Sutherland lived on the West Coast in an oceanfront Santa Monica pad. It is now rented for more than $12,000 per month. The actor is working in the movie and television today and luckily lives a healthier life in comparison to his past.