Is David Attenborough Still Alive? His Health Update

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on July 28, 2023
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    David Attenborough, the fan’s favorite narrator has mesmerized the entire world with his voice. As of 2023, he is 97 years old, leaving people wondering if he is still alive or dead. So, is Attenborough still living? 

    Without any further ado, let us know the truth about our favorite broadcaster.

    David Attenborough’s Profile Summary

    Full Name
    David Frederick Attenborough
    Status as of 2023Alive
    Birth8 May 1926 
    Age in 202397 years
    ProfessionNaturalist, Broadcaster
    Current ResidenceRichmond, England

    Is David Attenborough Still Alive?

    Yes, Attenborough is still very alive. The 97-year-old living legend is doing well even at this age in 2023. His voice and his narration in different documentaries are so good that people fear no one will ever be able to replace his greatness.

    David Attenborough is alive in 2023
    97 years old and David is still alive and healthy

    It is really good to see the natural historian keep himself so healthy even today and it delights everyone. We hope we get to listen to more of his broadcasts and commentaries. From children to people of his age, everyone still appreciates his voice and contribution to the film industry.

    Attenborough Underwent A Heart Surgery In 2013

    At the age of 87 in 2013, David underwent heart surgery. The motive of the heart surgery was to install a peacemaker inside. Because of the urgent operation, he had to cancel his Australian tour as he could not fulfill the 27-hour flight after the immediate surgery.

    Thankfully, the surgery was successful as his representatives said: “Sir David has now had the operation and his doctors are satisfied with his progress.”

    Even after the big operation, Sir David was not in the mood to end his career. He even said: “I’ve been broadcasting for 60 years. I don’t want to slow down. Retirement would be so boring.” A big relief and sigh for his fans to hear the man’s decision.

    He Had a Knee Transplant In 2015

    In 2015, the renowned narrator underwent a knee transplant. Before the surgery, he used to struggle to go on making nature programs. In May 2015, he told Daily Mail Weekend Magazine: “I had one done. They (the doctors) weren’t keen on doing both at the same time, which I would have liked because I was in my eighties. They don’t want to keep you on anesthetic for that long. It was a nasty business.”

    He already had undergone one surgery but he believed that if he needed to continue making nature programs he must be able to walk. So, his second knee also had to be transplanted to make him walk again.

    David underwent knee transplant
    David had to transplant his knees to continue working

    Celebrating his victory against the surgery, he stated: “Now I can walk for an hour. I shall be going off to Patagonia in a couple of weeks where we’re doing a film on a huge dinosaur that’s being excavated.”

    Even at 90, he was bold enough to get the surgery and continue his career.

    David Attenborough’s Recent Health Condition; Struggling With Memory Loss

    The memory loss of Attenborough started in 2016. He admitted after filming Planet Earth II that his work was not going like a breeze. With a heavy heart, he described he was getting closer to natural memory loss.

    Other Ways David Nearly Died

    When David was 95 years old, he was brutally stabbed by a cactus. While filming a new BBD One docu-series, The Green Planet, he came one-on-one against the cholla cactus. Although he was fully covered with the best protective gear and a protective Kevlar and gloves, he still was stabbed by the prickly thorns of the cactus in his hand.

    He said: “I mean they are that sharp and they go into you and you really have trouble getting them out, so that is a really dangerous plant.” 

    He Was Knocked Out By A Freak Wave In The 1980s

    In the 1980s, David was struck by a freak wave in the 1980s. The killer wave knocked him unconscious when his cameraman watched the water turn blood-red. The cameraman spoke: “I’ve never forgotten it because David was unconscious and there was blood everywhere and I remember thinking, ‘The one thing you don’t want on your CV is you’re the man who killed David Attenborough.'”

    Sir David Attenborough’s View On Death

    Although Sir David does not fear death, he wants it to be a quick process.

    Sir david does not fear death
    Sir David wants his death to be quick and easy

    In an interview, when asked if he fears death, he gladly spoke: “No. Not for the process, I’d just like it to be a quick process, thanks very much.” 

    Just for your information, another renowned personality Dick Van Dyke is also now 97 years old.

    What Is David Doing Now? Why Won’t He Retire?

    As we talked about the thing above, Attenborough is still working with nature. He has no plans of retiring or slowing down anytime soon. David is so determined to reach the age of 100, that cannot see himself stopping to work before 100.

    Very soon in 2023, a new series called “Wild Isles’ is coming. Even the producer of the series is confident about David’s mentality of ‘keep going’. Without hesitation, the producer Chris Howard said: “Well I don’t know! David will keep going as long as he can. He’s not retiring, that’s for sure.”

    Where Is Attenborough Today?

    The man responsible for jaw-dropping nature documentaries currently resides in his Richmond home. He has a beautiful home there that looks cozy and classic from the outside. Interior-wise, he has given very attention to the details.

    David lives in Richmond
    Take a look at Sir David’s home

    The living room features pretty lilac carpets and white walls with plenty of furniture surrounding the entire room. His favorite part is the big brown leather sofa in the living room.