Is Daryell Xavier Still Alive? Where is He Now?

By Cannon | Updated on June 6, 2023
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    Daryell Xavier is one of the most notorious criminals who made headlines after being accused of raping, beating, and abusing his one-year-old stepson Michael Star in 2014. Unfortunately, two days after Michael was hospitalized, the baby died. Xavier was since imprisoned but lately, there isn’t a single latest update about his life, making many wonder if Daryell is still alive or already dead.

    Is Daryell Xavier Still Alive?

    Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier is reportedly still alive. He is now believed to be serving his jail time in Taguatinga prison, in the Federal District in Brazil. But, with zero updates about his life over the years, many still hardly believe that Xavier is still living.

    Where is Daryell Xavier Now?

    As mentioned above, Xavier who was a jiu-jitsu instructor and a documented competitor for Gracie Barra in Brazil is now reported to be living in Taguatinga jail. He was initially sent there for only 30 days to await for hearing.

    Amidts his time in Taguatinga prison, the ex-jiu-jitsu instructor was brutally raped and tortured by 20 of his fellow inmates. It only happened after details of his heinous crime spread in the jail. Daryell was even stabbed in the back several times by a gang of 20 convicts, leading him to go to the prison hospital.

    Reports say, following his hospitalization, the doctor gave him multiple stitches even in his anus. However, after Zavier’s return from the hospital, a gang of 20 again raped him.

    At the same time, his photo after the hospital, with multiple stitches on his back as well as blood stains on his shorts went viral. As soon as the clip went public, there was an overwhelming wave of support from most people.

    daryell full of stitches
    Daryell with stitches in the back.

    One whisper said, “It was the law of Karma operating on Xavier.”

    Xavier Raped His One-Year-Old Son

    The documented competitor for Gracie Barra, Daryell was found guilty of raping, abusing, and killing his one-year-old stepson in 2014. The baby was admitted to the Anchieta Hospital on 27th September 2014 but passed away two days after.