Is Carole King Still Alive?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on August 2, 2023
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    Carole King, the legendary singer-songwriter has seen a lot of struggles in her life and she also has left her fans wondering if she is alive or dead.

    In this article, we will decode the truth and unlock some mysteries of her life and also know if she is alive or dead. Let us get started.

    Is Carole King Still Alive?

    Absolutely, Carole King is still alive. The American singer-songwriter seems to be holding herself really well even at the age of 81. Carole has released and pleased music lovers all her life with her notable works. Since she is still active at the age of 81 in 2023 and is active, we can expect some more magical works from King.

    Carole king is alive
    Carole King is alive as of 2023.

    Even if she does not release any music, she will probably not regret it as she has already won all the awards you can in her illustrious career.

    Carole’s Abusive Relationship

    In Carole’s autobiography, The Natural Woman, she has described an abusive relationship with her third husband Rick Evers. In the book, she has written all the things about her abusive partner who violently treated Carole on a regular basis. She specifically wrote: “Rick Evers physically abused me not just once, but many times”.

    Slowly the relationship became a vicious cycle of abuse, apologies and all kinds of excuses for not leaving. Just three months into the relationship Evers punched her for the first time. However, the abusive relationship ended after Evers passed away in 1978 from a cocaine overdose some days after they separated.

    Does Carole King Have Any Disease?

    According to the internet, King doesn’t suffer from any health issues. Digging a bit deeper, she also has not mentioned any disease in her autobiography.

    It is a good thing that she has lived her life without any attack of a fatal disease but let us tell you she did have a very struggling start. Her childhood and her 20s were not easy at all. Let us discuss some of her struggles in brief.

    King’s Early Struggles

    King’s long musical journey has no shortage of tragedy and struggles. She was just nine years old when her younger brother was diagnosed with deafness and was disabled. Carole would lie awake every night wishing her brother was still here with her. On top of that, her relatives would blame her mother for giving birth to a disabled child.

    Carole had an early life full of struggle
    Carole had an abusive relationship and a difficult early life

    Adding to the sadness, Carole King’s parents divorced in 2011. They always fought and even after the divorce, her parents tried a lot to mend the relationship. But, it never worked and the divorce deeply impacted her. Hungry for family love, Carole went on to start her own family.

    She has been married four times in her life but sadly none of them ever worked. She first exchanged vows when she was just 18 and her husband left leaving her with their daughter. So at a very young age, she was a single mother. Later on in her life, she married multiple times again facing nothing but heartbreaks.

    Where Does Carole Live Now?

    Carole now lives in Sun Valley, Idaho in her beautiful ranch home. She has lived in the mansion for more than 30 years now and it has a humongous 128 acres of land and features mountain views.

    The beautiful ranch is an architectural masterpiece with wood and stone designs everywhere. It has that log cabin feel. Similarly, the house has two stone fireplaces, a big commercial kitchen, five bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

    She also relaxes in her heated swimming pool in the backyard. In addition, she has a horse stable, storage buildings, and a professional recording studio.

    What Is King Upto Now?

    Now, in 2023 Carole is living her post-retirement life looking back at the legacy she has set. In May 2012, King announced her retirement from professional music. After the retirement announcement, she also said that she will most likely not make any new songs in the future.

    Carole is living her post-retirement life
    Carole is now an activist, she also is living her post-retirement life

    She is however involved in philanthropic works and is an environmental activist. Apart from this, we do not really know what she is up to as of 2023.