Billy Dee Williams Was Once Pushed in a Wheelchair; Is He Alive?

By Cannon | Updated on May 15, 2023
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    Billy Dee Williams, an actor and painter is still alive. He is currently in his late 80s but still living his life in a healthy way. The actor is better known for playing in the Star Wars franchise. Over the years, Williams has already worked in a handful of movies and TV shows like The Firebrand of Florence, The Last Angry Man, and Mahogany as well. He is also better known for his role in The Empire Strikes Beck with Harrison Ford

    The octogenarian Billy still makes occasional appearances in media and TV shows. Well, let’s find out more about his life.

    Is Billy Dee Williams Still Alive?

    He is still living. Although the actor is in his late 80s, Billy hasn’t been infected by any disease so far. He was born on April 6, 1937, in New York City. And as of 2023, The Last Angry Man star is 86 years old.

    billy dee williams and his partner Teruko Nakagami.
    Billy along with his better half Teruko.

    At present, Billy resides in California with his family members. In the past, Williams used to live in Beverly Hills which hit the market in 2018 with a market price of $13 million.

    Has Billy Ever Had Any Health Problems?

    So far, Williams is enjoying good health. To date, the actor doesn’t seem to be any health issues. Although the actor is in his golden age, the Star Wars star keeps working and making his occasional appearances in the media.

    Back in Sept 2018, the now 86-year-old was seen in a wheelchair while catching a departing flight at Los Angeles International Airport. He opted for black attire for the flight.


    What is the net worth of Billy D?

    He has a net worth of $9 million in 2023.

    Who is his wife now?

    Billy’s wife Teruko Nakagami who is Japanese American now resides in California.

    How old is Billy Dee Williams’s partner?

    His spouse is now in her late 70s.