How is Eugenia Cooney Still Alive? Which Disease Does She Suffer From?

By Muhan Poudel | Updated on June 14, 2023
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    The well-renowned internet celebrity Eugenia Cooney always worries her fans about her health concerns and her alive or dead status due to the kind of body Cooney has. Well, it is very obvious for people to speculate about her situation because of the frequent signs and rumors that have spread about her status.

    Spoilers, Eugenia is all good as of 2023. But what about her health condition at present? Let us find out more about her health and status in this article.

    Is Eugenia Cooney Still Alive? How Is She Still Alive?

    Yes, Cooney is alive and well. Quite shocking right? Someone with such an unnatural slim body for a very long time is still doing well and living. She had always been underweight, but over the years her body has seen no progress in the weight.

    Eugenia is alive
    Eugenia maintains her diet that’s why she is still alive

    According to the Internet, the internet personality is still living because she knows how much to eat which is enough to keep her alive. The reports also believe that she drinks more water than she eats food. However, the concerns regarding her mouth foaming and lips chapping alert many of her viewers and her well-wishers.

    What is Eugenia Cooney’s Illness? All About Anorexia Nervosa Disease

    Cooney is going through an eating disorder which could also be known as anorexia nervosa. In her Youtube videos, she promotes unhealthy content that encourages viewers to follow such disturbing eating content.

    But, she refuses to admit that she has any kind of eating disorder or does not open up about the matter. She brushes off away the questions by saying her slim body is due to a medical condition and has been facing it since her birth.

    Due to her sketchy content, in 2015, viewers became even more concerned about her content and her health. Additionally, in 2016, the frustrated audience also started a petition “Temporarily Ban Eugenia Cooney off of Youtube”. The petition reached over 18000 signatures, going viral and even reaching the attention of Cooney. In response, Cooney apologized saying her intention was not to be a bad influence.

    Cooney Was Sent To The Psychiatric Hospital

    According to Cooney, she was once sent to the psychiatric hospital by her own friends. In an article, she said he friends tricked her into going to the hospital for her treatment. The background of the story is that her mother was always concerned about Eugenia’s health.

    She started crying one day begging Eugenia to seek help from the doctors. A few days after, Eugenia was invited out with some friends to an escape room which was later a trick played on her.

    Cooney talking about her heath condition to a Youtuber
    Cooney opens up about her traumatic experience when her friends tricked her to go to the hospital

    The internet personality stated, “I ended up going over there and everything seemed normal. Then they sat me down … and they started bringing concerns up to me.” She added: “I guess it’s still hard to talk about at first, especially, but I was telling them that I was thinking about getting help and was open to that.”

    Death Rumor Of Eugenia Spread In 2019

    In 2019, Eugenia went inactive as her content and activity started getting infrequent. This made more people and fans wonder about her condition. They even started to think if Eugenia had died due to her deteriorating health condition.

    Thankfully, she was not dead nor anything bad had happened to her. On February 11, 2019, she tweeted her status and confirmed she was all fit and fine. In the tweet, she said, “Hi guys! I appreciate the concern. I’m taking a break from social media and voluntarily working on this with my doctor privately. Please respect that.”

    Turned out, she was working on the condition with her doctors and did not want social media distractions during her checkups.

    Is Cooney Healthy In 2023?

    Yes, as of 2023, Eugenia is healthy and well. No recent news on her condition has come out but looking at her social media, she looks healthy and fine. She is frequently posting on her Instagram and even her Youtube is updated with her posting new content frequently.

    Hopefully, she is taking care of herself and is following her doctor’s advice properly.

    Where Is Eugenia Cooney Now?

    As of 2023, Eugenia resides in two states of the USA; Connecticut and California. She normally and mostly stays in California and sometimes goes to Connecticut as her family home is there.

    Eugenia posing for her youtube video in 2023
    Eugenia is healthy in 2023

    Cooney is the one who does up and forth between the states but her parents mostly stay in Connecticut home full-time. She loves going to her family home when her brother gets a break from his college.

    What Is Eugenia Doing Now?

    Eugenia is an active YouTuber and an internet influencer. Her content are loved and appreciated by the fans after she stopped posting some creepy and shady stuff. Furthermore, she has more than 670,000 Instagram followers and over 2 million Youtube subscribers, making her one of the most successful influencers of all time.

    She even goes live on Twitch and streams different activities of her life. So, yes, she is still active on the internet and is continuing to influence people with her content.