Is Freddie Mercury Sister Kashmira Bulsara still alive?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on June 29, 2023
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    Is Freddie Mercury’s sister, Kashmira Bulsara still alive? If you are a fan of the late singer, you might wanna know the real person behind its success, that is Mercury’s sister.

    Here, in this article, we will know whether the only sister of the late singer is alive or already dead.

    Is Freddie Mercury’s Sister Kashmira Bulsara Still Alive?

    Yes, the late British singer and songwriter’s sister, Kashmira is alive and living a good life. She is currently 71 years old and originally comes from a family following the Zoroastrianism religion.

    Mercury's sister Kashmira is still alive.
    Freddie Mercury’s sister, Kashmira Bulsara is still alive. Source: Getty

    Initially coming from the city of Gujrat, India, the family later emigrated to England, and spend almost all of her life there. As of today, Bulsara is still actively working on keeping her brother’s fame alive.

    Kashmira Nearly Lost Her Life In A War in 1964

    The younger sister of Freddie along with her family is a war survivor. Kashmira and her family nearly lost their life like many other ethnic Arabs and Indians during the revolutionary war of 1964 in the African nation.

    They flew away from Zanzibar to England in order to escape the violence of the revolution against the Sultan of Zanzibar, Sultan Sayyid Barghash, and the Arab government. The family settled in England itself.

    Bulsara was living a good life with her family until she lost her only brother, Freddie.

    Kashmira Lost Her Elder Brother, Singer Mercury to AIDS

    Bulsara lost her brother to complications of AIDS on 24 November 1991 at the early age of 45. He had bronchial pneumonia which resulted due to AIDS.

    Kashmira along with her parents were informed about the traumatic news which gradually flowed all over the newspaper and television.

    Singer Freddie Mercury died of pneumonia.
    Kashmira lost her brother, singer Mercury to AIDS at the age of 45. Source: Getty Images

    Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS in late April 1987 but never was open about it. Aside from the singer, his close ones also denied the fact but it was not because Mercury was ashamed of it. Later, it was cleared,

    AIDS was never a topic. We never discussed it. He didn’t want to talk about it.  He always said, ‘I don’t want to put any burden on other people by telling them my tragedy.’

    Kashmira Has No Idea Where Her Brother’s Ashes Are

    Mercury’s funeral service was held 3 days later at West London Crematorium, where he was cremated under his birth name, Farrokh Bulsara. He surely saw his death coming pretty early which made him make a pretty weird last wish.

    According to Kashmira’s brother’s last wish, he wanted his ex-girlfriend and best friend, Mary Austin to take care of his cremated remains. Till the present time, none of his friends or family except Austin know the whereabouts of the ashes.

    What Is Kashmira Bulsara Into Today?

    Kashmira today is actively involved in keeping her brother’s legacy alive. She has appeared in various documentaries related to Freddie which include, Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story (2000), The One Show (2006), and Freddie Mercury: Magic Remixed (2006).

    Bulsara also shared the hurtful experience of watching her brother suffer due to AIDS. She shared,

    “When Freddie would see his own videos, he would say: ‘Oh I was handsome then.”

    “That was very, very hurtful…. that he knew what he was going through.”

    Her recent work was in the 2016 movie Bohemian Rhapsody. She shared great emotional bonding with the movie as well as actor, Rami Malek who played her late brother’s role.